No bake irish cream and malteser cheesecake.

No bake irish cream and malteser cheesecake – serves 8


This pudding really has the wow factor but is low effort and best of all, no bake!

No bake irish cream and malteser cheescakes

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Perfect for a special meal at home, it’s never as easy getting out with kids is it and this is as indulgent enough to feel really fancy but easy to make, even with a child or two hanging off your leg! Makes loads so you can either halve the quantities or have it over a few days. Best of all, it’s not suitable for children so you don’t have to share! 😉


300g digestive biscuits, crushed

100g butter, melted

600g cream cheese

100g icing sugar

300ml double cream, whipped

25ml irish cream – I used biscotti flavour

Sharing size bag of maltesers

To serve

More double cream, whipped

Small bar of milk chocolate


Grease, or preferably line springform tin/tins (the heart shaped ones I used were huge and ended up being halved, so served 8)

Mix together the crushed biscuits and melted butter.

Press into the tins.

Refridgerate  for at least an hour

In the meantime:

Mix together the cream cheese and icing sugar.

Stir in the irish cream and crushed up maltesers. (I used a rolling pin and just battered the bag!)

Gently fold in the whipped cream.

Place the topping mixture onto the chilled bases and return to the fridge for another few hours.

Serve with whipped cream and chocolate curls. (I used a vegetable peeler to create the curls from a chocolate bar.)

Below is a video of me baking the no bake irish cream and malteser cheesecake to show you that it really is that easy!


If you like baking, you may like to check out my blackberry and apple crumble cupcake recipe or easy chocolate fudge. There is a slow cooker version of the fudge too.


  1. Oh my goodness Louise, how amazing does this look?? I’m popping over to yours for coffee next time you make it!
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  2. This looks so delicious! #bigpinklink
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  3. oh my word – this is full of my favourite – maltesers – and no bake sounds amazing – this is not being halved by any means – making the whole damn thing!! Thank you so much for sharing – this is my kind of pudding #BigPinkLink
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  4. I could literally annihilate that! Looks amazing. #bigpinklink
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  5. you had me at NO BAKE looks awesome too#bigpinklink
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  6. I do one very similar but use half double cream and half sweetened condensed milk instead of icing sugar and all double cream. I’m sure it is the same result, kids always love it, the biggest issue is not having the maltesers stolen in time to put them on the cheesecake! #BigPinkLink
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  7. Off shopping for ingredients #bigpinklink

  8. This looks delicious! I may have to give it a go! #bigpinklink

  9. Louise this looks amazing!! Doubt it will fit into my New Years healthy eating but it’s my birthday at the beginning of February so maybe I can whip it up as a little treat?
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  10. What time can we all head over for this luscious treat! I’ll bring coffee and/or tea! Mmmm #BigPinkLink

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  12. I LOVE Maltesers and no bake is even better! YUM! #BigPinkLink

  13. As a rubbish baker the no bake part of this really appealed to me. It sounds and looks delicious and has now got me craving cheesecake! #bigpinklink
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  14. This looks yum-tastic! And it doesn’t look too difficult so I might even be able to make it! Have pinned it for the weekend. 😉 #bigpinklink

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  18. O M Geeeeeeee – this looks heavenly, and biscotti flavoured Irish Cream you say? Interesting, verrrrrrry interesting! 😉 #bigpinklink
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  19. Errrrm, WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love a Baileys cheesescake, and I’m not usually big on desserts-but if there’s one of those bad boys going, I just can’t resist! And no bake will always be a massive winner! I’m def taking a night off from lentils and chia seeds for this!! Thanks for being the co-hostess with the mostess!!
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  21. Oh this looks delicious! Not good for losing baby weight but that probably wouldn’t stop me! #bigpinklink

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  28. Luscious and I was trying to avoid this post but then you linked it up so I just had to look!

  29. Looks yummy! Can’t beat a low maintenance recipe Nd the fact its cheesecake makes it even more of a winner! #bigpinklink
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  30. Omg, another no bake recipe. My absolute favourite kind. This looks amazing, and easy to make too. Yum! #BigPinkLink
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  31. Looks yummy. Not sure the maltesers would make it into the recipe though as I seem to inhale them the minute the packet is opened!
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  32. Oh wowser! This looks amazing!

  33. Oh wow I am salivating! Although I can’t eat this because Maltesers aren’t gluten free for a start. I could still drink the Irish cream though….#bigpinklink
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  34. Oh wow, how yummy does that look! Im well tempted to try this, though my Nan does the best cherry cheesecake around. I asked her to make some for our engagement party and baby shower as I want the world to taste its amazingness hahahaha #bigpinklink

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  41. This looks so tasty! Also not too complicated to make. Fab!


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