Turning 30 something!!

*This post has been mainly fuelled by Prosecco!*


So today I turned 30*ahem*something. Ok ok 32! It’s not so bad. Here are a few things I have realised.

1. I am not confined to a commode in an old people’s home sipping my soup through a straw as I genuinely believed 30 plusers were when I was a teenager.

2. Birthdays when you have small children are way more fun if you have your parents around to look after your teeny people & generally make your day relaxing!

3. Re point 1, I may not be as elderly as I’d believed I’d be now but I do enjoy a good afternoon nap.

4. Prosecco is the birthday fuel of champions!

5. I am seriously blessed with some lovely people in my life.

6. In my head I am still 19.

7. There is the smallest chance I may be a bit tipsy.

8. The above is a guaranteed statement made by an elderly 30 pluser, not hammered, wasted or passed out. Just a bit tipsy!! 😉


Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them! 🙂


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