Mental health musings

I’ve written several posts looking at Mental Health, specifically Postnatal Depression and Anxiety so I thought I would gather them all in one place.

You’re not yourself. Are you ok?

You’re not yourself. Are you ok? I’ve been hearing this quite a bit recently and it’s got me thinking. I know I’m not myself, I feel different, my thoughts are different, I have goals and am often distracted thinking about things I want to do next so am not always present…

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Postnatal depression. My story.

At the height of my postnatal depression, I considered driving my car into a wall. I was parked at some traffic lights and the idea just came to me. I was an awful mother, a terrible wife, been horrible to my friends, the planet would be better off without me.…

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It’s ok.

For the last 6 years, a bit over really, I have tormented myself about how I am ‘getting it wrong’ with regards to parenting. When I was pregnant, I agonised about taking folic acid, drinking the odd diet coke, how I was going to give birth, keeping healthy, keep fit,…

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Arachnophobia therapy at Bristol Zoo

This is my experience of the Living with Spiders education program at Bristol Zoo, an arachnophobia therapy program. Could they take a total arachnophobe like myself and turn me into a calm and rational human around the many, many, many 8 legged, hairy ones that share our space every day?…

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Why do you keep on getting it wrong?

Not a book review sadly, I wish it was all cheerful and fluffy! We have a favourite book in our house. Well, we have a few firm favourites but this is one I never get (that!), tired of. It’s called Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and it involves a poor…

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I’m a tantrum survivor. Sort of!

How do you cope with extreme tantrums, the true emotional meltdowns that leave you and your child totally spent and shocked? I’m still wondering! An unusually serious post from me.

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Dear Mum-expecting-baby-number-two.

A slightly humorous, but sadly totally real letter to my best friend who is expecting her second baby. Things are really going to change now! 🙂

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B(e)aring my soul.

Tonight I get a bit serious and bear, (geddit?!), a bit of my soul! Ok I said bit, I just don’t do full serious!

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Being kind-for everyone but especially the Mamas!

How many times do we say things relating to being kind in a day? Be kind to your brother, be kind to the dog, be nice to your friends, ask me nicely please, don’t say horrible things about each other. Ever said it when thinking about yourself? Be kind to…

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