Parenting- If you don’t laugh…..

Surely we all know that a vital part of surviving parenting is being able to laugh at our mishaps and the days where everything just seems to go wrong! I’m a firm believer in laughter being good for the soul and so here are my less serious posts designed to raise a smile…..or hopefully a full blown giggle and a nod of recognition!

Travels In Wilma – Part 3

So, I left you in part two as we were nearing midnight, in the wilds of France, fuel light on in Wilma, and the aire, (free campervan sites), I’d so cheerfully navigated to, nowhere in sight. This was our first attempt at a van trip abroad, with nothing booked. We were feeling…

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Driving with children.

Part of today was spent driving with my children. I am a car journey survivor. Sort of! Let me outline every journey ever since they had the ability to talk. Before we leave I hydrate and feed both children. Send both children to the toilet for a pre-journey wee. 5…

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I do not, will not need a nap!

We have been on a mega road trip across Europe recently, which has meant huge excitement and very late nights. This has led to some over exhausted children, and my 5yo, (who is in school and obviously doesn’t usually sleep in the day), being in absolute, desperate need of a…

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Going out out.

Not out, out out. Going out refers to a glass of wine with a friend in your local. Or a meal with your partner on ‘date night’. Cinema maybe. Something chilled. Jeans and a nice top territory. Out out is a whole different ball game. Out out is something special.…

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Sun’s out, Mum’s out!

If you live in Britain too, you may have noticed something strange, after the snow(!), at the the weekend, something has changed, there is…….wait for it……sun! Yes, real hot, yellowy ball of fire in the sky sun. And it’s hot! Sort of summer hot. This has prompted the emergence of……

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No I can’t just!!

I read this brilliant article by Pick Any Two recently. It is all about how as Mothers, we carry the invisible burden of keeping the family together. It is up to us to remember birthdays, (on both sides!), buy and post cards and presents, phone distant cousins, keep up to…

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10 reasons I’m like a Nana. (And I don’t even care!!)

I am actually only in my early 30s, however, I feel I have way more in common with an 80 year old Nana, and I’m not even ashamed!! I may give off the impression that I’m a little bit cool, (I’m picturing my daughter reading this at 17 and cringing…

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Christmas-Expectation vs Reality!

Ahhh, carols by the fire, love, warmth, PEACE, and a Santa’s Grotto every bit as magical as the website describes. Hmmm, reality may not have totally matched up to my warm and fuzzy expectations!!

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Calling all grown ups!

Be honest, reading the title, did you immediately think I meant you or was there a slight hesitation, a modicum of doubt? The reason I ask is that I’m still wondering when, if ever, I will feel like a grown up. When I was a teenager, I’d see woman of…

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My top tips for flying solo with children!

Upcoming flight with children? Have to go it alone? I have some top tips for you to follow to make your experience as stress free and wonderful as possible, you too can leave the plane smiling like all those other lucky lucky lucky people flying alone! 😉

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Dear neighbours.

We have new neighbours. This is my open letter to them. Just in case they were concerned. Also a totally gratuitous hair photo. Because, pink!! (This does not mean I’m not taking my time on the naughty step seriously!!)

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Things I have learnt about school so far.

So we are a few weeks in to school now. We are not doing too well!! 😀 Read on to find out more.

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The 5 simple signs that your child is overtired.

If you were struggling to read the subtle body language of your child, here is my handy guide to spotting overtiredness in your child. I’ll give you a hint, they are behaving like a total butthead!! 😉

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Train journeys with kids v train journeys alone. How one is so much better than the other, can you guess which?!

I have compiled this handy comparison for you in case, like me, it has been a very long time since you have had the pleasure of travelling solo, and have forgotten what it can actually be like and are starting to loose all hope. (Hint; it’s sooooo much better &…

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Is the supermarket actually some sort of time vortex?

So yesterday evening we lost around 2 hours in a well known large supermarket! I mean, it has happened before, one of my besties and I genuinely lost 4 hours in a supermarket several years back! We had no idea how, I think it’s because we lived in a village…

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Holidays with children. Aka how to bring on a nervous breakdown!

Ahhh holidays, those wonderful and relaxing times with sunshine, loungers and lots of chilling out. Oh, except if you take the children obviously!! Pass me the wine!!

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Normal service has been resumed!! (What my children argue about.)

So, after my last post about how amazing things were between my two delightful children, I’m kind of happy to say that normal service has now been resumed, (makes far better blog material!), although that undercurrent of real love and playing together is definitely still there thankfully! The arguing has returned in…

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Why I envy my children.

Why I’m envious of my children. This is totally shallow so definitely down click if you’re after a deep musing on their youthful exuberance & zest for life!! 😉

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5 thoughts I had today.

1. My children don’t seem to have a volume control. Or if they do, it’s faulty and stuck on ‘penetrate steel’. 2. A silent protest tantrum can actually be a joyous occasion and really make for a relaxing coffee. 3. I must stop staying up late to watch tv, I…

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Working from home with children. Alternate title – How to ruin a perfectly good day.

Ever tried to work from home with small children in tow? This handy guide will show you just how not to do it from a voice of far too much experience! 😀

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Staying in versus Going out

Ok, if you have come here expecting some review of nightlife written by some young person who is not currently sitting in their pj bottoms at 8pm on a Saturday night, let me stop you now! This is no snappy magazine exploration into whether house parties are the new clubs.…

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Time – and the lack of it!

When I started writing this, I was sat at my desk with tinny hold music blaring from the phone handset next to me. Why does this always happen? I had finally got two sleeping children, Mr Bear had gone out to fly down a muddy hill on two wheels and…

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Ok, just typing this makes me feel old! I don’t know why, probably because I have had a long love affair with garden centres, (the cards, the gifts, the pretty flowers, the cafés with their tea in china teapots and slabs of Victoria sponge!), and my lovely husband has always…

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Who really has it best when it comes to parenting?

This is something that is debated the world over, argued over in homes, discussed in playgroups, thought about wistfully in hot, stuffy offices, seethed over resentfully on fraught rainy days. I actually believe that there is no answer. It varies from day to day, mood to mood, job to job.…

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There are few things that make me regress into a teenager, actually, no, there are lots of things that make me regress, bouncy castles, spending too much time with my parents, being told what to do, spending time with certain friends. Maybe it would be better to write a post…

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Swimming with kids.

Swimming with kids. Going Swimming. How I imagine it. Get the bus to the pool, special treat so everyone behaves perfectly, walk to the pool, change, get in the pool, have lots of fun, dry off, dress, go home happy. The reality. Can’t find the armbands, where on earth can they be?…

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Driving kids anywhere.

Driving kids anywhere. This is every journey I go on with my two little cherubs. Regardless of length of journey, this will continue until we reach our destination, however far away it might be! I’m going to do each child’s sentences in their favourite colours to make it easier for you…

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Hair. So, my first blog post, I have been agonising about this for ages, what should I write about, do I need to set the tone for my whole blog from the outset, what is the tone for my whole blog?! Then this morning it came to me, I would…

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