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Why I’m loving the Cheltenham Literature Festival so far.

This week is the Cheltenham Literature Festival and it got off to such an incredible start for me! Yesterday we had the true honour of seeing Sir David Attenborough being interviewed on stage by Emma Freud and I can honestly say it was one of my life highlights so far. I could have sat and listened to him for hours more and not got bored. The interview was warm and funny and I found out so much that I had no idea about before. It was worth every minute of the 2-3 hours I spent desperately trying to keep my phone awake to try and secure the tickets while we were sitting on a campsite in France back in July! 🙂

The children meeting Pamela Butchart at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

The children with Pamela Butchart having their books signed, her new Secret Seven Adventure; Mystery Of The Skull and There’s a Yeti in the Playground.

We also went to see A Secret Seven Adventure which was very exciting as prize-winning children’s author Pamela Butchart has written a brand new adventure for the gang, something she told us she had been a mix of incredibly excited about and  equally terrified by the pressure of taking on such a classic. We couldn’t wait to start the book and were thrilled to see Pamela’s reinvention of the girls in the book come into effect in the first chapter, taking them from meek, scared, stay at home and leave the adventures to the boys types, to strong, feisty characters that are great role models for modern children.

There is so much going on at the Festival this week, it would be impossible for me to to condense it so I shall just tell you what we are going to and you can head to their website to see more.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. Sold Out. I loved this book so much and can’t wait to go to a talk with the author to hear her discussing the book and to find out what’s next for her. 

Fiction At 7: Writing Motherhood. Thursday 11th Oct, 7pm – The Nook – £10. As a blogger who writes a lot about motherhood, I’m excited to listen to this talk covering capturing the experience of motherhood in fiction and balancing it with the real pressures and demands of Motherhood. Something I’m yet to manage successfully! (Received Tickets To Review)

Social Media: Find Your Tribe. Friday 12th Oct, 8pm – The Nook – £10. Another one I’m coming at from a work point of view. This is all about using social media to build up others, something that I’m passionate about. (Received Tickets To Review)

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies.) Sat 13th Oct 3pm – The Sunday Times Garden Theatre – £9. Following the furore over the weekend when the promotional stand for this book was taken down moments before the store opened in Topshop, I’m even more interested in this event now! As a girly girl, I had the idea growing up that you can’t be both a feminist and really into pretty dresses. This is all changing now, and I’m so interested to see Davina McCall talk to the creator of the book, Scarlett Curtis and two of it’s contributors; Nimco Ali and Charlie Craggs. (Received Tickets To Review)

Can You Tolerate This? Sun 14th Oct, 7pm – The Nook – £8. Marisa Bate talks to New Zealand writer Ashleigh Young about isolation, anxiety and shyness. (Received Tickets To Review)

This is honestly just the smallest crumb of the banquet of literary events that are taking place across the town over the week, not to mention an abundance of free events for children including free crafts, trails, story sessions and much much more! There is something for absolutely everyone, whatever your interest.




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