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So what are the Cotswold Blogger Awards?

So what are the Cotswold Blogger Awards?

Well the Cotswold Blogger Awards are part of the enormously successful Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show’s plans to make 2018 a seriously exciting time for parents and children. This is a brand new award ceremony and so we don’t have any stories of previous years to tempt you with but one thing we do know is that there will be proper awards to put on your mantelpiece, an evening do where you can wear something fancy schmancy and it will be seriously, properly fun!

What are the Cotswold Blogger Awards? The post explains it all!

A bit about the Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show. The first one was held at the Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham in May and was an outstanding success with people pouring through the doors all day long, the organisers actually lost count at 3,000 people through the door!!

The show has already moved on to bigger and better things with another event on the 19th November at Hatherley Manner with a special red suited guest popping in to visit and then in April the show is going BIG and taking over the Town Hall in Cheltenham in what is set to be an extravaganza of all things parent and child.

So what are the Cotswold Blogger Awards about? Well, we know that there is some serious blogging talent in the Cotswolds. I for one know what a huge world blogging is and that it’s just lovely to get some recognition for the many many many hours that you have to put in to your blog and social media channels and this is the chance to nominate a blog that you love or give yourself a pat on the back.

One of the categories is going to be judged by a panel and I am very excited to announce that one of these judges will be Emma Bradley. Emma runs two blogs, Emma and 3 and Emma’s Savvy Savings, is an editor for Tots 100 and is the co-author of Blogging Your Way To Riches. There is not much that this lady doesn’t know about the world of blogging!

How can you get involved? This year the nominations are being done through facebook and at the show in Hatherley Manor on the 19th of November, where I will be manning a nominations booth and happily chatting blogging and social media to anyone that would like to!

Everything you need to know:

You can nominate yourself or any blogger you love/follow, the blog can be any genre, the blogger doesn’t need to be a parent. Although the show is baby centered, we know that just because you become a parent, you don’t lose your identity and there are so many wonderful blogs about food, travel, interior design and family life out there. All are welcome.

To nominate:

1. Your chosen blogger MUST live in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas.
2. Pick a category A, B, C or D 👇🏽
Comment your category choice followed by your chosen blogger.

👇🏽The categories are👇🏽

A. Inspirational
B. Life Style
C. Feel Good
D. Social Influence

There are 3 opportunities to share your nominations, on my facebook post below, the Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show’s facebook post and their instagram post.

You can nominate as many blogs as you like in the different categories, but if you add the same blog many times for the same category, it will only be counted once.

Blogs can only be finalists in one category, so if the same blog comes top in more then one category, we will take their highest nominated category only.

The 5 bloggers with the highest nominations in each category will become finalists.

Add the code below to a blog post or your side bar to encourage people to nominate you!

Cotswold Blogger Awards

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML



  1. January 16, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    Love this, is Wiltshire a surrounding area as would love to take part in the next one as not much happens locally here. Plus would love to meet other bloggers

  2. Jade Emily
    October 19, 2018 / 10:49 am

    This sounds amazing. I am trying to start a blog of my own but thought I’d start small and aim big. So started with an instagram a couple of weeks ago. It seems well so far. This event sounds amazing. Although I will not be nominating myself it would be lovely to attend the event and watch the awards. Can anyone go? Where do I get the details for this? Help lol p.s I am from the Cotswolds 🙂

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