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Big Pink Link 63

Big Pink Link 63

An awful weekend this weekend. News of yet another violent and awful terror attack on our great country. Terrorists purporting to act in the name of religion to commit despicable crimes. Don’t let them win, don’t let them turn us against each other, we are stronger united and it is divided that we will fall.

My host post was written in the wake of the devastating Manchester bombing and seems even more relevant now.

Lucy and I are hosting this week.

Pink Pear Bear


My Wow: I’ve chosen this post because some of the things Mrs Tubbs’ husband says to her made me giggle and also because I reeeaaaallly need to follow her tips as we are drowning in clutter!

Lucy’s Wow: My WOW, from Mums Army-this was spot on observed, and I related to it all, especially the point about periods…!!

Hannah’s Wow: This post from Kim about her journey to becoming a single Mum by choice is so inspirational. I can imagine there are many women in the same position as she was who will find her story both helpful and enlightening.


Pink Pear Bear
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