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Big Pink Link is here again!

Oh hello, is summer here?! (I’m writing this in advance so chances are it’s snowing again by now!) I hope you’ve all been enjoying the luscious sunshine and that some of you can relate to my host post and I’m not alone in my shoddy summer prep!

I don’t know if you saw last week, but my lovely co-host Lucy from This Mum’s Life is a finalist for the Britmum’s BiBs awards. I’m so proud of her, and thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know that if you enjoy reading her host posts as much as I do, you can vote for her here. She is very deserving of the award and I know she would be over the moon to even make the shortlist, (hopefully she’ll win though!!!!), so if you haven’t already, please think about giving her some #bigpinklink love and voting for her now. 🙂

The Big Pink Link has so many of our lovely linkers up for awards at the moment. We’re so proud of you all, and think it just goes to show what high standard of writing we have here. Good luck everyone!!

Okidoki, Pink Link Love time.

Pink Pear Bear

(Total aside, the use of okidoki there got me thinking of this song. Caution, tis rude and not for children’s viewing!..Also, having now watched it through for the first time in years, how flipping offensive is it to women?! As I teen I never really listened to the words. This why women have self esteem issues. Rah! Rant over!!)

If you watch it, do tell me what you think. I thought it was just a bit of fun when I was younger but seeing it through my older self’s eyes, I’m thinking totally differently!!

Right, reining in the rant. Back to the topic in hand!

We had a brilliant linky again last week. So lovely to see some regulars and also some new faces.

This post by Right Royal Mother had me welling up. It is so beautiful and thought provoking and sad!!  I’ve also not been able to stop thinking about this post since I read it last week. A heartbreaking situation to be in I’m sure you’ll all agree.

For Lucy this week, this post by Mummy Rules because it shows just how different a flippant conversation you have as a care free student, will be so different once you’ve had children…! She also chose this one by Tammy Mum because the hilarious anecdotes (or fails…!) will have you in stitches, and sympathising!!

Help yourself to the badge that is now way up there somewhere thanks to my yakking! 🙂

Onto the linky at long last!

Pink Pear Bear
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  1. May 9, 2016 / 8:46 am

    OMG that song! I used to dance to that in middle school (…12/13 years old!). The fish on the girl’s skirt is ridiculous, I am SHOCKED. hahah How did the teacher’s even allow this song to be played at school dances???! ……it’s so catchy though **nodding my head along to the beat

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