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Calling all dog lovers!

Sometimes as a blogger, you get approached by companies asking you to be involved in an advertising campaign they are running. Some I say yes to, but only if I feel it is something interesting to my readers and also when it offers you the chance to win something cool for you and your dog! (Read to the bottom for more details!)

One email I got made me really keen to take part. It’s for Panasonic and their new Smart Home Remote Monitoring Products and they’re going with the angle that you can give your dog the night off and rely on their new system to protect your home instead.

This is right up my street, I’ve not written about him that much, but he does feature pretty heavily in my Instagram feed. I have a third, (and fur-st!) baby. Are you ready for some serious cute?

He is brown, furry and eats a lot. He’s eleven now, but when he was about the age in the picture, we lost him in the house. We searched high and low, and eventually, as were starting to panic, we found him. We had a giant sack of dog biscuits in the larder and the little monkey had managed to get into the hole at the top, but then over balanced and couldn’t get out, not that he cared, we found his back paws and wagging tail sticking out of the hole as he ate his way merrily down the contents! His little tummy was so round for days after!!

My boy and I, best birthday present since my miniature dachsy when I was seven!

My boy and I, best birthday present since my miniature dachsy when I was seven!


Now he’s reached the grand old age of eleven and a half, he’s really starting to slow down. He is more often then not found sleeping.








He definitely deserves a day, or more like a week off! Not that he has always been the best defender of the house, he was actually a really rubbish guard dog before the children came along.

Thankfully we haven’t been burgled, (touch wood!!), but I remember once when we were living in a tiny cottage in the hills in Wales, my husband forgot his key. Luckily, being in the middle of nowhere, we’d left the kitchen window open, so all my husband had to do was walk up the hill a bit and climb in.


A thing of terror right?!

As he did this, he could hear our ferocious guard dog going crazy, the noise was impressive, but he couldn’t see him anywhere. If I tell you that the cottage was made up of just two rooms, I think it will help you to understand how odd that was. Mr PB finally got inside and followed the source of the noise, all of ten feet away, and found the terrifying guard dog. Hiding under the bed. Petrified. Apparently he was so relieved to see my husband that he jumped clean into his arms!!

Actually just a big baby....with a love if helping unwrap pressies!!

Actually just a big baby….with a love of helping unwrap pressies!!

He’s doing better then Mr PB’s childhood dog though, they were burgled and the man just went into the cupboard and threw down a pile of doggy biscuits which kept him quiet throughout. Not just once but twice!! Twice! I think the doggy actually looked forward to the man coming! 😀

On to the details of the competition, they have produced a very funny video, which you can watch below, about Dave the Mastiff and his spa day off and would love to hear what you think.

You can also submit a photo or video of you and your beloved guard dog to be in with a chance of winning a spa day for you and your pooch and a fancy pants hotel stay to boot! Along with a whole host of fabbu prices.

Get sharing my fellow dog lovers! 😀


Here’s how to enter;

Show us how much you love your Very Important Pet,  by showing a picture or video of you both sharing the love!

Tweet it to us @PanasonicUK (https://twitter.com/PanasonicUK) with #MyVIP


Comment on the #MyVIP Competition Post on the Panasonic UK Facebook page! (https://www.facebook.com/PanasonicUK)

Good luck everyone! I’d love to see your piccies and vids too so feel to add me in @pinkpearbear as well.


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