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Taking the lead with Millets and Barney!

Taking the lead with Millets and Barney.

Almost four months have passed now since we took a chance on a street dog from Romania, a bouncy puppy with giant paws and a heart of gold. In that time, we have been on an awful lot of dog walks in all weathers and thanks to Millets, I’ve been kept warm and dry!

Me, standing in the gorgeous countryside cuddling my dog in a purple body warmer with while fake fur lined hood.

They sent me a lovely coat and body warmer and some warm gloves that have the wonderful benefit of working with a touch screen so I don’t have to cope with frozen fingers when I want to take a photo of my little furry beast. They also sent my husband a fab zip up jacket but I’m struggling to get a photo of him in it, he’s a serial camera avoider!

It’s definitely not been easy taking on a rescue dog, especially one from another country who has probably been pretty severely mistreated from his nervous demeanor with certain people, ie people in hats and with beards, but the rewards have been immeasurable.

Me in a blue puffa jacket with pink trim from Millets leaning on a gate and holding our dog Barney on the lead.It’s also been difficult for the children as they have gone from a calm and elderly lab who they adored to a giant, lively and toy destroying puppy. With time though, things are gradually settling down and he is becoming calmer and a gentle and well loved part of the family.

Ok so I may moan about him a fair bit but I do really love this puppy!! He has made a huge difference in our lives and although yes, he is a slight wrecking ball and yes, his list of misdemeanours is long (and no means limited to); 🖊Chewing up a pen on our brand new posh kitchen floor. (FYI thanks to the genius followers on my Facebook page, I learnt that hairspray dissolves ink like magic!) 👨🏾‍🎨Chewing up the painter’s fancy brush and subsequently going all Monet on aforementioned new floor. Luckily it was emulsion and not gloss! 🎈Eating most of the balloons for my daughter’s party resulting in not being able to give them away as party favours and giving him hot pink 💩 for the next week!! 🙈🙈 Despite all of the above, he really is a lovely dog with a very sweet and gentle nature and getting out walking him twice a day is definitely helping my mind and sort of counteracting the ridiculous amount of winter eating I can’t seem to help myself from doing! (Anyone else carb load like they’re training for a marathon when it gets cold?!) To get us out walking whatever the weather, @milletsonline very kindly sent us some lovely coats, one of which I’m wearing here and live in! More info on the blog soon. #milletsdogs #pinklinker

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A few things we have realised along the way;

Food: Barney can’t eat anything with grain in. He had the most horrendous upset stomach for a couple of months until we finally found a food that suits him.

Walks: He needs a big walk in the morning and a shorter one in the eve. If he doesn’t see any other dogs on the walk, he will not be as settled after as if he had a big play.

Sleeping: He sleeps all day after his walk, and then is lively again when the children get home from school. He struggles to settle in the lounge which is very annoying as we always want to relax in the eve. It is getting better as he gets older though.

Chewing: He is a nightmare for chewing. Luckily it’s mostly the recycling that he targets but a good few of the children’s little toys have been munched and recently he must have eaten any entire box of crayons……rainbow poo! The other thing he did which put him firmly in the bad books was eat half the balloons for my daughter’s party! Considering I was going to give them out as part of the party bags, I was not impressed!

All things considered though, I am very glad that we have him in our lives and wouldn’t be without him now.

If you also want to stay warm and dry this Winter, check out the full range of women’s and men’s coats that Millets stock.

This is a bonus outtake photo from my mini shoot, they say never work with children or animals and I do both! I’m attempting to model the lovely body warmer I got but my Mum’s dog jumped up and left two big muddy paws on it, you can see her haring away from the scene of the crime! 😀

Me looking down at my body warmer in dismay as my Mum's collie runs off after jumping up and leaving muddy paw prints all over me!




  1. Kelly Cooper
    November 25, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    #ilovefrozen and love to read your reviews

  2. Rich Tyler
    November 26, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    Love reading your blog! #ilovepaddington

  3. Kim Neville
    November 26, 2017 / 6:48 pm

    Aah bless looks very content

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