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Things I have learnt about school so far.

1.The morning that you have everything laid out ready and perfectly prepared your children will wake up ridiculously early so you have far too many hours to fill whilst keeping the uniform spotless because changing routine to not get washed and into uniform the minute you get up will result in a total anarchy and confusion and resistance.

Then there will be tears.


And you will be very nearly late.

2.The morning that you don’t set your alarm because your children are always up so early will be the morning they enjoy a lovely long lie in. This will also be the morning you discover that school child has taken her song book out to sing to her teddies, put her spelling book down ‘somewhere’ and has a whole list of places she thinks the bag itself may be, each place in a completely different part of the house to the one you are in.

You will end up very hot.

Will be near to tears.

And very nearly late.

3.If you are being ‘phased in’ as we are, you will suddenly find yourself with whole mornings to fill with a not too tiring activity that they will get really really into right before it’s nearly time to go and the then the ‘battle of the bottle greens’ commences. (Getting them into their uniform.)

You will end up being very stressed.

Probably near to tears

Oh, and very nearly late.

4.When you sit down, all peaceful and relaxed, maybe with a cup of tea for you and a snack for them to ask them what they did that day, they will have nothing to tell you. When you are on the phone to the tax man, whilst cooking dinner, with cbeebies blaring in the background, they will suddenly have lots and lots of information to volunteer. The other time they will want to talk in depth about what they have been up to is when you are trying to get them into their shoes and coat on the way out of the door.

You will end up very flustered.

Close to tears and…..

You guessed it, very nearly late!!

5.You will realise with a somewhat sinking feeling that this whole palaver is something you will have to repeat every single day. Oh, and discover that the old adage you’ve always heard really is true, the ones who live closest to the school really do end up being the latest!!

In conclusion, it has been a few weeks of tears, indoor and outdoor shouty mummy and some serious rushes through the school gates!

What I imagine we look like every single morning!

All (semi)-joking aside, it seems to be going very well once I get her there and she has learnt so much already. She looks so grown up rushing out of the doors when I pick her up.

That is hands down my favourite bit. When she is scanning the sea of parents anxiously and then the moment she spots me, the massive smile that lights her face up like sunshine and the way she runs into my arms, ponytail and book bag swinging totally melts my heart!

Here’s to many more sunshine smiles and hopefully a lot less tears in the coming weeks. I’m not sure I can bear to hear myself parrot repeat ‘You have to have your hair brushed’ one more time. It feels a bit like deja vu!! 😀

How is everyone else getting on with school? New starters settling in ok? School returners dealing with the routine again? I’d love to hear how much better it gets. (Crossing all my fingers and toes that it does!)




  1. September 23, 2015 / 12:19 am

    It gets better fut for me its an up and down thing. Some days are better than others!

  2. mummyoftwo
    September 23, 2015 / 7:00 am

    My two hadn’t slept past 6.30 all through the holidays but this week I’m having to wake at 7.30 grumpy and tired. The phasing in is mornings til after dinner this week and school dinners seem to be going down well. We’ve had “giant jacket potato” and “really yummy bolognese” so far this week. Next week its full time for us and small boy starts pg monday too so I’ll be a wreck. End of day smiles make it worth it though and knowing how much fun they are having really helps.

  3. September 23, 2015 / 9:05 am

    We haven’t been on time for anything since the baby was born so I can’t imagine getting to school on time 5 days a week. I can foresee tears. Well done you for managing so far.

    Thanks so much for linking to #bestandworst.

  4. September 23, 2015 / 1:45 pm

    Oh dear, I’m glad I have a few years to prepare for this! #bestandworst

  5. September 24, 2015 / 11:31 am

    My son is now in his 2nd year of school and he has grown so much in confidence and so have I. I’m not half as flustered this year. Last year I used to get quite angsty on a Sunday evening dreading the week ahead but that feeling has subsided this year.

    Last year the parents brought the kids into the classroom and settled them at their desks, this year we wave goodbye to them at the door. They are all so independent now, it’s amazing to see how much they can grow and develop in one year 🙂

  6. September 26, 2015 / 10:56 am

    Stressed and late is the norm for me and I’ve been doing school runs for 16 years!

  7. November 9, 2016 / 3:55 pm

    We run everything like clockwork because there’s no room for error. 1 hour 10 mins for getting him breakfast, dressed, me getting in shower, doing hair/make up, getting dress, my breakfast, pop my lunch stuff in my bag, grab his stuff and out the door. Oh and hopefully he’ll have managed his spellings. It’s a little more relaxed on non-morning club days, but he probably thinks I’m a right nag. The trick is getting him sitting there with shoes and jumper on 5 minutes before we’re ready to go (although there’s still the faff of getting him to pick up his stuff and put his coat on). However organised I am the night before, there’s still always the last minute chivvying!

    If you write school posts, do come and link up to my #schooldays linky. Opens each Sunday term time.

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