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Rediscovering my style with Me and I in beautiful Italy.

Rediscovering my style with Me and I.

I say rediscovering but I’m not entirely sure that I have ever had real style. I’ve always been slightly the wrong shape for the high street, and then once I’d had my babies, I was a very strange shape indeed, with breastfeeding unevenness and a Mum tum, never mind the cake induced bum!

Looking to see if they could spot their Easter eggs as the bunny had been!

When they got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review, for the kids and myself, I jumped at the chance!

The children’s clothes were just as expected. Nice quality, vibrant patterns and, as is the case with most scandi brands, coming up on the large side, something that is wonderful as I have children that are always in larger sizes then their age, and often struggle to find age appropriate clothes for them, especially my daughter.

As a family, we all have a unique style going on! Green dinosaurs and spiderman and tiger sunnies……and he looks awesome!

For me, I got some second skin jeans, which were flattering, very soft and stayed nicely form fitting. There is no photo of them at the moment though, as I have undone lots of my good work with a trip to Italy where there was pizza galore!

I also got sent the Dotty ropes dress, which is just lovely. I don’t usually wear green but I fell in love with this, and the colour is so nice and bright and really suits me. The dress is very flattering as well, I love the way that it’s cut, and you can adjust the waistband to make it longer or shorter. It’s a great length for me as it sits above the knee and anything just below knee can end up making me look as if I have no legs! 😀

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some photos of the clothing in our beautiful surroundings in Italy.

Perfect for all activities, even feeding the aptly named ‘Tornado’!

You can find all the clothes on the website but you can also become a Me & I rep. All the details are on their website too, you can sign up here.





  1. April 21, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    Oh you look amazing Lou! I love the colour of that dress it’s beautiful and very you. The children’s clothes are fabulous too.

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