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Another brilliant weekend at Geronimo Festival Arley Hall.

We had such a great time at Geronimo Festival last time and were thrilled to head up to the stunning Arley Hall near Manchester again this year. Packing up Wilma, our trusty van, we went through our camping checklist to make sure we had all the festival essentials and set off.

Both of my children sit in a camping chair with a bowl of cereal on their laps and a spoon in their mouths, eating breakfast before a day exploring Geronimo Festival at Arley Hall.

The best thing about festis is a chance to camp in Wilma!

Because the festival is on a bank holiday weekend, it took us twice as long as usual to get there and we had a few issues as the camper van area was full when we arrived but the team worked quickly to create an area in the camping field, which worked out even better for us as it was even closer to the entrance.

My husband and two children sitting on a sofa outdoors at Geronimo Festival with giant flowers all around them.

There were a few differences this year compared to last year, and the festival field was open on the Friday night with most of the food stands open to get food and drinks. There was also a bar this year and the main stage had been moved down the hill a bit. The arena had been moved behind the bar area instead of at the top of the opposite hill but I’m not sure that was beneficial to the performers there as it never seemed very busy, we weren’t even sure where it was to begin with.

The Monkey Do ropes in the woods at Geronimo Festival, basically huge nets strung amongst the trees that children can climb up and on.

The news of the Monkey Do rope course in the trees had obviously spread and there were queues there to get time slots but we were lucky and walked straight in. They had also moved the big build project there and it seemed to work really nicely being amongst the trees, watching the children climbing the ropes and hammering away at the den.

My son, sitting on a bed on the grass at Geronimo Festival, with 'Second star to the right and straight on til morning' written on the foot of the bed. Giant flowers around him and a Ferris wheel behind.

Another new feature was the spa with wood fired hot tubs and two hours of child care but this was extra and we didn’t get round to it in the end.

Blue skies and pink and blue bunting with a merry go round, a helter-skelter slide and some stalls in the background.

Food: The food had been moved around a little and there was a good choice, wood fired pizzas, the vegan and vegetarian stand, fish and chips, churros, ice cream and so much more! We didn’t go hungry, that’s for sure. It’s around £7/£10 a meal which is standard for festivals. The Farmhouse Cafe in the campsite was cheaper and did children’s meals.

Some of the extravagantly costumed characters at Geronimo Festival, a unicorn, a red fiery creature with huge woods and a green dragon on stilts standing with my daughter.

As usual there were so so many activities for children:

Racing Ferrets

My children racing a ferret, two tubes for the children to go down and one in the middle for the white ferret to run.

Meeting all sorts of creepy crawlies, look how brave this little man was!!

In a pretty tent, decorated with bunting, my son sits in a yellow camping chair, wearing an orange t-shirt, green shorts and red wellies, he beams proudly as he holds a large tarantula on his lap.


Holding a bow and arrow very seriously, my little boy aims it at a target in the middle of a field.

Axe Throwing

Holding an Axa high above her head, my daughter gets some help to aim it at a slice of a log on an easel.

Climbing Wall

My son on one side of a giant climbing wall structure and my daughter on the other.

Among many many others, including, live knight show, motorbikes, stunt shows, music, dancing, circuses, live acts, fairground rides, games, animals, face painting, glitter and so much more.

It’s nice to see how much the festival is growing and how popular it is, and I look forward to seeing how much bigger and better it gets in years to come. If you want to see more, check out this brilliant video from Dear Mummy Blog.


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