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Planner love – can I achieve organisation for 2017?

So this year I shall be attempting organisation for 2017 using a lovely planner from Stick to Stigu. I aspire to be organised, it’s in there, the want to have everything in order, I watch videos of spinning perfectly ordered craft cupboards on facebook with a slightly glazed look of love, trying my hardest to ignore the cupboard containing my own craft materials, overflowing from the shelves!

I am desperate to start bullet journal-ling, (or #bujo), just as soon as I work out exactly what it is! 😀 Although I have a horrible feeling that I will actually spend far too long dithering and trying to make it look pretty then actually filling it in, so for the time being, a planner is the perfect solution.

Planner heaven

I love the fun and humorous way it is written.

Currently I have things on my phone calendar, (which for some reason has started to save things on completely random dates, not helpful!), in a diary, a blog planner and on the calendar. Ocassionally I will update them all and then for about two hours, feel supremely on the ball….until the next appointment/playdate/email!

I have missed a few appointments over the years and I find it so stressful. In fact, the last appointment we had for the dentist, was for both children and I was so worried about being late, that I was early. A week early!!! Seriously, it was a nightmare getting them there too! I think you’ll all agree that I need help in the organisational department. I really believe that a tidy mind is a happy mind and mine is more akin to my craft cupboard, events crammed in willy nilly, doctors appointments stacked up on deadlines, school concerts jostling for space with bills that need doing and a few stray play dates rolling out the door in a bid for freedom from my overstuffed memory!

Planner heaven

One side for notes and another for the week ahead.

So when I was asked to review a planner, I was really excited, I am a secret stationary addict. Or maybe not so secret as the piles of pretty notebooks and drawers full of pens may testify, and so anything like this makes me so happy. And gives me the illusion that I too can be one of those organised people who know exactly what they are doing for the next six months instead of the person that looks slightly stumped when someone asks them what they are doing tomorrow! 😀

I am also trying really hard to be more healthy, both in mind and body, and that is where this planner comes into it’s own. Along with two pages per week, one side blank for notes and one dated, the planner is packed full of motivational quotes, healthy tips and ideas to keep you mentally healthy too.

Planner heaven

Full of inspirational hints and tips to live as fulfilled and happily as possible.

There is also a large section for notes at the back that is completely blank. I really like the layout and I find the style of writing really fun and inspiring.

There is currently a sale on their website at the moment offering 25% off everything, and what’s more, you can win a gorgeous planner just like this too! All you need to do is enter the competition below and cross your fingers. Hopefully we can get the planner to you in time for Valentine’s Day so you can treat someone special to some organisation. But perhaps don’t tell them that it’s because you think they need it, us dis-organised people don’t like to be reminded of it! 😀

Planner heaven

Ooooh lots lovely blank pages to fill.

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  1. February 7, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    Is bujo bullet journalling? Will high five myself if I get that right without googling! 😀 I’m sold and heading to the site now to have a browse! I didnt get any 2017 infills for my filofax this year and I think it’s because I secretly want a new kind of planner!

    • February 7, 2017 / 8:31 pm

      Yes!! I’m so desperate to start it but I’m not sure how exactly!! I’m having a lot of fun making it pretty. 😀

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