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Hot hot hotty hot!

So today is hot. Hot hot. Really really really hot, maybe not quite Australia hot, 😉 but apparently the hottest day in a decade in Britain, and my small boy is ill. I really thought we were done with bugs for a while but obviously the god of snot is granting us one more visit before his holidays. Last night was pretty stressful, all very hot and sticky, (did I mention it was warm?!), and he just couldn’t settle.

‘I want Daaaaaaaddy’ came the wail, unfortunately Daddy was out. ‘I want Daddy to give me a drink’, ‘I want Daddy to stroke me’, ‘I want a cuddle from Daaaaddy’, this went on until Daddy got home. When it changed to ‘I want Muuuuuummy to give me a cuddle’ etc etc. This went on until 10pm when we gave in and decided that there would be no episode of House of Cards that evening and we may as well get used to an evening of Roly Pollie Ollie and tears, (mine! Not really, it takes more the one eve to break me now! 😉 ), eventually he settled and only woke up one more time in the night to complain that I wasn’t Daddy.

Despite feeling less then ready for a Day of Fun, I’d already promised a climbing trip, booked them in and taken big girl out of preschool. Luckily, both were in delightful moods when they woke up.

Sorry, bit of English sarcasm there. They were so unhelpful. Initially it was impossible to get them to even entertain the idea of getting ready. Then there were the usual squabbles; ‘He toooouuuuuched meeeee! With his fiiiiiiiiinger!’, followed by a race to the shower with one trip into the door frame and one hearty shove to the floor. Tears from both. Some serious disgust at a change in shower gel, (this hotel is really slacking!), and a war involving pants.

By the time we left the house, the playgroup was already beginning 20  minutes away. When we eventually made it to the car park. (I now have two co-drivers by the way, it is especially unnerving when they scream; ‘MUMMY THERE IS A CAR COMING AND IT’S GOING TO SMASH RIGHT INTO US!!’ at the very second I’m pulling out onto a roundabout because they have no understanding of indicators – along with quite a few others on the road come to think of it!)

It wasn’t over when we arrived at the car park either, there was an argument over who was putting the money in the machine, who was pressing the green button, who was collecting the ticket and who got to put it in the car. All the while the little barometer inside me which controls clenched fists and gritted teeth was creeping up, thinking that I really didn’t want to be paying full playgroup price for just half an hour.

Thankfully for my sanity, (and dentist bill!), we made it at last and it was brilliant as always. Just one incident where my littlest monkey goes too high and the automatic belay gets a bit stuck resulting in a slightly panicked boy stuck near the roof, but aside from that, both have a great time. My biggest girlie is awesome for a first time and goes up to the top of the wall fearlessly. I’m looking forward to the summer sessions I’ve booked them in for now.

We had a really lovely lunch in The Hub, Gloucester, which is a not-for-profit cafe, lovely and airy with fantastic food and really kind and friendly staff. They use all local produce to support businesses in the area, and work hard to give people a hand back onto their feet after overcoming addiction.

Now I am sitting about an inch from the fan, eating back to back rocket lollies in an attempt to keep cool. Going running later, wish me luck, if you spot a puddle of melted human with a pair of trainers next to them, please let my husband know!!


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    • July 3, 2015 / 5:21 am

      Oh wow!! I am so honoured, seriously! Thank you so much, I will start my post this morning….& hopefully finish it thanks to kids tv! 😉 Your questions are brilliant btw. I’m looking forward to answering them! Yes I know, his actual finger. It was traumatic. There were tears!! 😀

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