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Discovering Num Noms.

We were recently invited to an event held by Num Noms. If you are wondering what on earth they are, you’re not alone, I was slightly clueless as well, as my children are probably just under the age to discover these…or were! Num Noms are collectable, stackable, scented food items, either containing a lip balm, eraser or stamper, or, my personal favourite, motorised so they zoom around the floor!

You can either get them in a little mystery tub, which contains one Num, a recipe card and collector’s menu and lip gloss or stamper for £2.99, or as a starter pack, which has 3 Nums in, a Nom, (motorised), around £9.99, a deluxe pack, with 8 characters for £14.99 and even a lip gloss making truck! Which retails at roughly £29.99. (Prices vary with various stockists).

The event was held at Bella Italia at the Gloucester Quays and involved pizza making for the children, colouring in and scented stickers, Num Noms stacking, a blind fold smell test, a brilliant face painter and ice cream! It was wonderful for them and they had the best time. We also got to sample some of the delicious dishes that are on the menu at Bella Italia. I haven’t been in years and was genuinely surprised at the quality of the food and would definitely go there again.

The kids were given a lovely goodie bag each as we left the event, which, among other things, contained a mystery pot. Both kiddies got a lip balm, (phew!), and my daughter got a limited edition Num, which I found myself actually excited about!

As a child, I collected Pogs, (remember them?!) and troll dolls, (to name but a few!), and I could feel that same excitement as I ticked them off the recipe card. I think collecting things is a right of passage for children and I’d be perfectly happy if they decided that these were the things they’d like to collect. Mainly because they are not small enough to go up the hoover! 😀

Thanks for inviting us Num Noms, and for the wonderful food Bella Italia!


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