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Persil Wild Explorers App Review


Persil Wild Explorers

The Persil Wild Explorers App

We’ve been testing out the new Persil Wild Explorers app and have decided it’s brilliant! Persil have teamed up with some big hitters in the get kids outdoors movement, including the National Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Wild Network to help parents get their kids outside more. The app is totally free on apple app store and google play store for you to download today. IMG_7696

You select where you’re going, ‘on the doorstop’, ‘in the park’ and ‘river or coast’, how long you have, and the age group and it presents you with a list of activities. Then you select which one you like the look of, and expand it for more details.

There are several reasons I really rate this app. The first is that it is bright, appealing and very easy to use. The second is that it really does get you outdoors. We are very outdoorsy and both my kids are happiest out doors but I often struggle to channel their need to be outside into something constructive. Especially when I’m tired.

My son organising the colourful items he found for his nature rainbow.

Making nature rainbows


Thirdly, it takes all the hassle out of planning, lots of the activities are so low maintenance that all you need to do is to step IMG_7698outside. Some of them need things like magnifying glasses, notebooks, plastic bottles etc, but everything is easily accessible and most likely found in a cupboard.

It’s been fab testing out the app and trying some of the activities.

We went tree climbing at the weekend and I think we shall be doing the tree faces next. Taking mud and making a face on trees by sticking leaves and twigs on to make eyebrows and moustaches!

My two children in the branches of a rowan tree.

Climbing a tree with the coolest branches ever!

Lots of the activities involve mud and Persil are inviting you to share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #dirtisgood.

I have to agree with that actually, mainly because I have a son who will often go through three changes of clothes at nursery and has the amazing ability to get absolutely soaked and filthy in 5 minutes flat in the garden so I have no choice. 😀 I’m powerless against the tidal wave of mud here, but very kindly, in exchange for my review, Persil are sending me lots of washing powder which should help!!




I’ll be sharing more of our exploits on my instagram, twitter and facebook so you can see what we get up to there if you like.

This post has been written in Partnership with Persil.


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