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Wicked Uncle Review

I was so excited when I was asked to review the toy website Wicked Uncle. I still get a buzz when brands ask me to work with them and that they value my opinion, plus, toys! We were given a voucher code and that’s when the really difficult bit started, choosing what we wanted! I say we, but in reality, I didn’t let my children have any say in the matter! They would have wanted everything and it would have been too stressful so I chose for me, I mean them! 😉

Wicked Uncle home

I’m usually pretty indecisive, and a fretter, I always tend to have a nagging feeling that I’ve bought/ordered/chosen the wrong thing and that something else would have been better. (Not as bad as my bestie though, she is a serial returner!)

This time, I was determined to be happy with my purchases. The trouble was, the amount of choice! Seriously, it was ridiculous! Luckily though, Wicked Uncle is aimed at making it easier, so much easier, for people who don’t have children, or have children of different ages, or who have long since grown up, to choose gifts. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what different age groups like, you tend to find that even as a parent, you know what your child’s age group is into, but it can be a nightmare selecting for others, especially as you don’t want to be the one to give the ‘totally lame’ present! 😀 wicked uncle cats

The Wicked Uncle website is set up to combat this, you can set it up to show you different ages, different sexes, (I know this can offend, but I definitely think having different sexes is useful, you don’t have to use it, but if you know that your niece is a really girlie girl, it helps to be able to pinpoint the pink frills!), and different categories. This is so useful. You can cross reference to get the perfect selection for a 10 year old who loves the outdoors, or a 4 year old who has a passion for dressing up.

Wicked uncle buy

This is what we, (I!), chose from Wicked Uncle in the end. Digital radios with a 3km radius, perfect for our camper van hols!


You can also set reminders for future dates, so that you will never forget a birthday again. Also, for a small extra charge, your present can be gift wrapped, you can choose from a huge selection of bright paper, and it can even be sent with a hand written birthday card, so it’s wonderful if you live too far away to hand deliver a present and don’t want to put the child’s parent through any extra hassle wrapping more things up.

wicked uncle story cubes

This was our other Wicked choice! Perfect for the camper van too.

The ordering process. This was easy! You click on the large green ‘Buy’ button by the item you want and a large pop up will congratulate you and tell you nice motivational things about your choice! Then you can clearly click through to check out. I absolutely love their website for buying things, (this may be dangerous!), and it’s so clean and smooth to use that I know if someone was elderly and maybe not so au fait with online ordering, (not that I’m an expect or could probably get a Masters in it or anything!), it would be simple for them to use too. Website design is not easy and this site is so well done.

After you click to checkout, it takes you through the option to add gift wrap and card with a clear ‘skip’ button at the top of the page if you don’t want to, (I find this so important, I absolutely hate it when you have to search high and low for the skip ability on unwanted additional extras, low budget airlines I’m looking at you!), then it’s on to the delivery, standard is £2.95 with express option at £8.95 to arrive the next day if you order before 4pm. Hey, no judgement here, I know what it’s like! 😉 There is also a box to fill in a designated ‘safe place’ to leave it if you know you’re going to be out.wicked uncle gift

Then the payment, online by card or paypal! I love companies that offer the option to check out with paypal because it means I have to move less, and as I usually do everything online in the evening, by that point, I’ve been dashing about all day and so to leave my carefully crafted sofa dent is traumatic!

My parcel arrived exactly 3 working days after I ordered it and best of all, I got an email the day before with a tracking number so I could see exactly when my parcel was coming, I even got an hour slot, which I raved about on twitter! I was extra happy to see that the box my 2 items were in was just big enough for them, I get so cross when I get a box filled with miles of packaging that you rummage through to find one dvd or something. For a start, it’s a pain to get rid of it and also, won’t anybody think of the trees?!

There you have it! A very positive experience all round. We chose the story cubes and the digital radios pictured above as we go off in our camper van a lot and the radios will be brilliant if one of us needs to pop back to the van and the other remembers the kids need something, and also for them to have fun with of course! The story cubes are fab as they are in a compact storage box and will give us hours of fun on the, (touch wood!), hopefully rare rainy days.

I thought all the products were lovely though, not your usual overload of plastic tat and characters that will be the thing of the moment and then swiftly forgotten, but seemingly better quality gifts with reasonable prices. Below are just a few of the items I spent far too long dithering over! Click on the images to take you through to the item on the Wicked Uncle website.

hornetwicked uncle rocketwicked uncle dronewicked uncke brollyWicked uncle science


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