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Doggy Dentistry with Pedigree – Fighting Dog Breath!

Doggy Dentistry with Pedigree.

If there’s is one bad point about having a dog, (apart from picking up after them of course!), it’s dog breath! Dogs by nature like to be as close to you as possible. This is fine when they are young, but as they get older and start to develop bad breath, having a dog that likes to sit inches from your face at all times can be a little less appealing!


In my experience, dogs like to be very close to you whenever possible!

We have never really got into tooth brushing for our dogs. I’m really strict about it for my children but I wasn’t with my dog, I suppose I always thought they didn’t need it as they don’t have tooth brushes in the wild!

I soon discovered how wrong I was when my doggy Monty needed quite a lot of surgery to have teeth removed. There is nothing scarier then having to have an older dog be put under anesthetic for something that could really have been preventable had we taken the right steps when he was younger. Dental issues in dogs can also lead to more serious issues such as liver, kidney and heart disease.

Man, (and baby’s!), very best friend!!

The trouble with tooth brushing is that if you don’t catch them young, it is so hard to get them used to it when they are older. What’s the saying? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks! I remember with our dachshund Rufus, he was so feisty and we tried everything to get him used to brushing when he was older and starting to have problems but he used to bite onto the toothbrush and send it flying across the room, leaving the poor person attempting the clean splattered in meat flavour paste. Yuk! (Make sure you use dog specific toothpaste, no matter how much you want a nice minty fresh dog!) It is possible though, and can find out exactly how to introduce teeth cleaning to your dog in a handy guide from Pedigree Reviews.

Pedigree are running a Dental Check Up campaign to try and get our doggies heathier. Dental problems can lead to infections, pain and even costly operations. Their mission is to encourage owners to feed a diet of biscuits and meat, have a dental regime for their pooches in place and be responsible in the amount of treats you offer your dog. I would also add to that the recommendation that you get your puppy used to having their teeth brushed from the moment you bring them home and build it into their routine just as you would do a child. It is suggested that brushing daily is best but even three times a week makes a difference. If you start out using a finger to clean though, watch out for those puppy teeth, needle sharp, ouch!


I found myself a VERY willing test dog!!

When I was asked to test Pedigree Dentastix, I jumped at the chance. They are a very easy way to keep on top of your dog’s dental health and best of all they have no idea and think that you are the best owner ever.

As our beloved boy is no longer with us, I found a very willing tester in my Mum’s doggy. She was absolutely thrilled to be my trial doggy, especially as she got to take the rest of the sticks home with her! She absolutely loved them and definitely didn’t realise she was cleaning her teeth at the same time. I also became her new best friend, always a bonus! 😀


My new very best friend!

As she isn’t quite at the level of speech yet……despite what my Mum seems to believe! 😉 I had to guess whether or not she liked them. The fact that it was snaffled in minutes told me that they were a hit, not one teeny tiny crumb was left where she had been eating it, and as she is a very slow eater normally, often wandering off mid meal leaving half a bowl, this tells me that she liked it a lot.

This post is a collaborative post with Pedigree however all words and thoughts belong to me! 😀



  1. March 28, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    Oh gosh, I’d never thought to brush my dogs’ teeth, if only I’d read this when Bubbles was younger. I don’t think she’d stand for it now. Dentastix are a great alternative though, I don’t buy them regularly but they both enjoy them when I do.

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