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Playroom to sewing room – my makeover wishlist.

I’m stealing back the playroom to make a sewing room!

So, come October I will have two in school full time and a wealth of time on my hands……bahahahaha yeah right! But maybe I will be able to snatch an hour or two to do some things for me that aren’t washing clothes or working.

To that end, I am planning to convert the kid’s playroom to more of a sewing room for me so that we can all use it.

These are a few of the things I’ve been coveting!

I’ve been eyeing up the Normann Copenaghen range from Lovethesign and have taken a real fancy to this clock, it’s going to be really important that I know what time it is as I can get very absorbed when I’m sewing and I don’t want to leave anyone waiting for Mummy at the school gates!


I’m also going to need a table, and I like this one because I want to make clothing and it will need to be big enough for me to lay out all the fabric. It’s quite expensive though, so I may have to make do with an old desk!

Next up, a chair, something comfy and able to move around on would help. Plus pretty of course! This is pink and a good cause.

Next up, curtains, and really, that should be my first sewing job shouldn’t it?! There is a wall painted green with vehicles all over so I think I should stick to the outdoor theme with some floral fabric. Heart beating a little faster at the prettiness, is it weird that I feel that way about fabric?!

It will also give me the perfect place to hang my beautiful bunting from Amy at Arty Apple!

And just because, I’m pretty sure a unicorn bag is needed to store bits in!

I wonder if I will ever actually manage to create my dream room?! Maybe I should photograph it all to document the room makeover and force me to actually do it.

This is a post written in collaboration with Lovethesign.


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  1. August 25, 2017 / 11:27 am

    Oh you definitely should do this, how would the children feel about you reclaiming the playroom, just as a matter of interest?? I reckon if you shared the unicorn bag with your daughter, that would help!

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