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Passing on my passion with Reading Eggs.

I’ve been passing on my passion for reading to my lovely children with the help of Reading Eggs. My daughter started Reception two years ago with absolutely no reading ability at all. Fast forward to now and we have a fluent reader who often takes on the bedtime story and reads confidently with great expression. She reads to her brother now, and whilst he loves it, he is also desperate to read himself.

Reading Eggs

It’s even interesting enough to set down his bow and arrow for!

It’s been a big learning curve for me, helping my daughter, an awful lot of phonics, painful stumbling through Biff, Chip and Sodding Kipper books, slow, halting word formations building to sentences and then paragraphs. Initially staccato but now flowing like a river under a bridge, melodic and seamless.

Now my son is starting Reception and we are back to square one….well we were until I discovered Reading Eggs and gave him a jump on learning to read. He is a different character to his sister, and whilst looking at a book is the thing that will keep him calm and occupied the longest, he has less patience for the learning part of it then she did, and gets frustrated quickly. He has said though, that the thing he is most looking forward to about school is learning to read!

He absolutely loves it when she reads to him but is equally desperate to learn to read himself! He thinks it is so amazing that she can read now.

I always felt that by teaching a child to read, you are giving them the key to a door that opens into a plethora of different worlds. Once they can read they can join pirates on their adventures, go back in time and meet Mr Darcy, explore Space, become one of the Famous Five, I could go on, and on! Reading gives you an escape from your life into the life of another, as an only child growing up isolated in the countryside, before the days of the internet and mobile phones, reading gave me the things I craved, friendships, exploration and adventure and I’m so excited to see the same excitement about books forming in my children.

So to help ease his frustration, we have been using the Reading Eggs program. It is available on computer and as an app and is broken up into different age brackets to best suit your child. When you sign up, it asks you for your child’s name and age and then whether they have any reading ability or not. If you click that they do have some reading ability, there is a quiz to help determine which level is best suited to them. I clicked none and so Reading Eggs 4-7 was suggested to us. There is also a program suitable for younger children, and one for older that tests you to find out your reading level and then helps you to improve your sentence structure etc.

Reading Eggs

Chilling out after school with some extra learning without even realising!

Using interactive games and fun songs the program helps to keep my son’s attention whilst at the same time teaching him the valuable sounds that he will need to put together in order to form words. He does have some phonics knowledge, having a big sister that loves role playing ‘teacher’ helps, (although she is a little more Miss Trunchball then Miss Honey in her teaching style!), but he seems a little opposed to learning in the conventional way that they teach in school, finding repeating the little rhymes over and over a bit frustrating. This helps him to recognise the letters and match their sounds without him realise that he’s learning. You have to complete one level to move onto the next one, and each challenge is slightly different so it means it keeps his interest well. (Just a side note but in the photos he is using the app on my phone, although this has been ok, it is recommended to use either a tablet or a laptop as the screen is a little small for some of the games.)

Since we started using the Reading Eggs program, I have seem marked improvement in both his phonics ability and his concentration when it comes to reading. It’s been fun for both of us and I know it will take the pressure off at school as I can help him in a fun way instead of drilling into him the rhymes and making him repeat them over and over. It also makes a nice change from Biff, Chip and Kipper and their hapless parents! 😀 Signing up also gets you access to Mathseed.

Sign up for a free 5 week trial by clicking here and try it yourself!

*This is a sponsored post but all views and thoughts belong to meeeeee!*




  1. September 11, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    We’ve been using this over the Summer as well and I have found it has been really beneficial for both reading and spelling. I hope school is going well.

  2. September 28, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Reading a bedtime story is a form part of our routine too, nothing better! #bigpinklink

  3. kayleigh white
    January 12, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    (I love reading) You cannot beat a great book!

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