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Day out without spending a penny on the kids! The Subway Challenge.

Could we take the kids out for the day and not spend a penny on them? Including not taking a packed lunch but making sure they were fed? That’s the challenge Subway set us!

Both children zooming down the road away from me in brightly coloured outdoor clothing. The sky is grey.

We decided to head into town with the kids on their scooters and go to visit the newly refurbished park that they are always asking to go to. It’s about 45 minutes walk and so a good long scoot for them and great exercise for me trying to keep pace with two very speedy kiddos.

My son and daughter sitting on a low wall in front of the majestic Cheltenham college and lots of bright yellow daffodils.

There are some really beautiful sights around Cheltenham, I’m a sucker for beautiful architecture and the college definitely falls into that category with its gorgeous butter coloured stone and impressive gothic features.

My two children again, this time posing in front of an enormous green gate with lots of fancy swirls in the iron work and the words Pittville Park in red in an arch across the top.

We made it to the park! Although this gate isn’t actually the start of the park anymore. It’s very impressive though!

My son in bright orange trousers and a black coat with a serious look of concentration and he whizzes towards the camera with a backdrop of a graffiti covered skate park ramp. There is a very good bee on the main ramp part and some pink words you can't make out on the other side.

After some fun playing, including some tricks at the skatepark, it was lunchtime. No packed lunch, not allowed to spend money on them, what could we do? Luckily we could go out thanks to the Subway ‘kids eat free’ holiday deal. For every 6″ meal deal you buy, you can get a free Kids’ Pak meal. The offer is available in most GB stores until the 17th April, and you can find a full list here. (If you are in Cheltenham like we are, make sure you head to the store on Bath Road as the other stores have different offers running at the moment.)

Both children, taken from behind as they look through the glass at a man preparing their Subway sandwiches.

I am not a big fan of fast food for the kids in general but this was brilliant. They got to choose their sandwich filling and more importantly, the salad items that go in it, when you have two fussy monkeys like I do, if they have chosen it, they generally eat it. They also got a Yoyo or some crisps and a choice of drink as well as an activity pack that is sea themed and really lovely.

One very smily and happy daughter looking into the camera as she holds her sandwich in both hands, ready to bite into it.

My two children sat on a bench seat in the Subway restaurant with their sea themed activity packs on the table in front of them, grinning proudly as they show of their new stickers.

I love that you are in control of what you have as there are certain things I’m fussy about, (says my husband!) and the ingredients all look so fresh and delicious, I feel bad saying I was surprised… but I was! I’ve always had an idea that it is a fast food place and therefore unhealthy, so it wouldn’t have been my first choice for lunch with the kids before but this really changed my mind.

So we managed our challenge! What are your top tips for free days out?

**I have been paid for this post and I also had my lunch costs reimbursed but all views are my own.**



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