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My dream pet, designing a dragon with Petplan.

My dream pet.

We were incredibly excited to be asked to take part in a project to design a dream pet, a fun collaboration with Petplan.

Serious concentration face here!

The request came at a very good time, we had just said goodbye to our elderly doggy Monty and we were all feeling very sad so a distraction was just what the children needed.

The idea was that my son could draw his dream pet and it would get made into a toy, how cool is that? So we sat down with some paper and lots of colouring pens and crayons and set to work. What answer do you get when you ask your four year old what his dream pet would be? Well a dragon of course!!

Just how many different colours can you fit on one dragon? 😀

As dragons are a little tricky, I helped him with the outline, (going with his exacting specifications of course!!), and he then filled in the details and coloured him in. Using lots and lots of colours! I had no idea how they would manage to turn this drawing into a soft toy, but we named him Fred, scanned him in and sent him off.

A four year old's dream pet.

This was the finished design. (The grey bits are nostrils in case you couldn’t tell!)

After a couple of weeks, we received a package, I knew what it was but I didn’t tell him, and let him open it himself, excitement was high. When ‘Fire Fred’ popped out of the bag, he was admittedly a tiny bit confused, he thought it was a dinosaur and had apparently forgotten completely about drawing it, typical short attention span. 😉 He was excited about the bag it came in though!!

When I got the picture up to show him though, he was over the moon, and couldn’t quite believe that something he had drawn was sat in front of him in toy form.

Whilst Fire Fred had been a great distraction, we are definitely thinking of getting another doggy after the summer, and when we do, we shall be getting him insured, and we will look at getting our pet insurance from Petplan, who asked us to take part in the fun project. Petplan really appeals to me as they work with 1200 animal charities in the UK and have even set up their own charity, the Petplan Charitable Trust, which has raised over 7 million pounds that has been towards giving animals a better life. It’s nice to think that I can be giving something back whilst also ensuring that those worrying moments of illness and injury in our beloved pets will be taken care of.

Petplan dog insurance

Our family is just not complete without a dog.

Fire Fred has been brought to life by Petplan, but all thoughts and words are my own.



  1. March 14, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    Oh gosh, that’s brilliant! You both did really well creating it. I didn’t realise you were looking at getting another dog, that’s lovely news and great that you’re waiting a while until you’re ready too.

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