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Education Quizzes- A review.


I recently got asked to review a site stuffed full of quizzes for school children. Now I don’t know about you, but my brain is very very rusty. I’ve realised, since my daughter started school, that all the knowledge I may, (or may not!), have gleaned in the classroom has long gone, replaced by important things like how to do accounts, paying bills and absolutely not the entire cast and plot lines of Game of Thrones. I’ve also noticed, that anything she does do at school that I do remember from my school days…..is wrong! All wrong! (Mummy that is not how you write a 5!!)

So when I was asked to review The Education Quizzes website, I jumped at the chance. I must admit to having mixed feelings about the school system in Britain, feeling that they push our babies far too young, but that being said, I really want to make sure that I support both my children’s learning fully and that I keep up with their learning. The education quizzes website is a brilliant resource.

I’ve just spent a very enjoyable hour testing my knowledge. The idea is that there are hundreds of quizzes, all categorised into Key Stages and subjects. The website is beautifully laid out, very bright, clean and easy to navigate. The colours are eye catching and the whole site is definitely visually appealing. You can choose your key stage, and then within that, the subject, which opens up a long list of available quizzes. All the quizzes are written by teachers and I think what is wonderful is that there are many options for styles of quiz, multiple choice, photography etc, which is brilliant if you are finding that a certain way of teaching and learning isn’t working for your child, and you want to support their learning but are not sure how to reach them.


The quizzes are so fun. Each is accompanied by a lovely image that is bright and eye catching. I’ve set it to tell me after each question whether the answer is correct or not, and what I really liked is that they also give you a fun fact about the question topic along with an explanation of the answer so you really feel as if you are learning more with each one you complete. It also gives you the correct answer if you get one wrong, which I like. Not that that happened to me. Ever. Especially not attempting a key stage 1 history test. No siree! 😉

Access to the site does come at a cost. It’s £7.50 per month, (this can be cancelled at any time, even during the first month), and the team behind it realise that this can be a big expense for parents and possibly not achievable for all, and so are aiming to promote themselves to schools, this is because the school could then pay on behalf of all the pupils at a greatly reduced cost which could, depending on the number of pupils, result in the cost being just £2.00 a pupil, a fraction of the £4,500.00+ schools are allocated for each pupil, for each year. It would also look good in the eyes of offsted so worth a mention to your own children’s schools!

I’m really looking forward to trying these out with my daughter. I know she will adore trying them out, getting green ticks and teaching her Mama a thing or two!

This is a sponsored review, but of course, all the views are my very own! 🙂


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