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Halloween fancy dress with Tickled Pink

Halloween costume extras.

The bits we had lying around, minus the eye patch, (last seen on the dog!), and the balloons, which we ALL blown up!

Halloween fancy dress. I was challenged by Tickled Pink to create Halloween outfits using fancy dress costumes from their website and things that we already had at home. Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that this is right up my street!

Halloween fancy dress from Tickled Pink

They wanted to be matching hence the green faces!

Crafting and fancy dress! So I had a look at their website, now in all honesty, I was a bit put off by their Halloween section, I don’t agree with full on horror costumes for children and there are some costumes on there that are really not something I’d ever let my kids wear, so if you have young children, I’d suggest not browsing that section of the site together.

Tickled Pink Raggy Pirate Boy costume

Showing off the ‘pumpkin’. Before the eye patch went to the dog!

That being said, overall, they have some really really cute fancy dress costumes, I think you can really select any fancy dress and give it a Halloween twist, it’s really just about the dressing up for my two, they don’t really know too much about it, and I definitely can’t cope with them getting too scared and ending up in our bed every night! I remember getting so scared after seeing a film once, that I wouldn’t go upstairs to the loo on my own for months. My poor Mum had to go with me every time! 😀

After having a good browse of their well laid out and easy to navigate site, I went for the Raggy Pirate Boy costume for my son £9.99 and this adorable Cinder Witch costume for my daughter, £13.99, (which will also be good for future World Book Day costumes, The Pirates Next Door, Room on the Broom or Meg and Mog spring to mind!) I sized up, as both are tall for their age, and I wanted to get some mileage out of them!

Halloween fancy dress from Tickled Pink.

Apparently pirates also have access to Captain America’s shield!

We then added a few bits that we had lying around, an eye patch, a cutlass, bandana from a previous costume as a  handy cutlass holder and some scary face paint for my creepy pirate and a broom, trusty witch’s familiar, (we couldn’t find a cat!), and yet more face paint!

We accessorised with some ‘pumpkins’ made from orange balloons and some handy markers!

They were thrilled with the result, and will be wearing their costumes on a pumpkin trail we are going on at the weekend, and on the night itself I’m sure!

I was very impressed with the updates to let me know about my delivery and order status emails.



  1. October 20, 2016 / 3:16 pm

    Oh brilliant, they look fab! I don’t let my kids do proper horror costumes either. If they dress up for Halloween Libby will wear her witch costume (Pluto has a lion costume that goes quite well with it) and Lia will probably dress as a princess because that’s all she ever wants to be.

    • October 21, 2016 / 3:14 pm

      A lion costume?! Are you serious??? That’s too cute!!! Yes some of the stuff on there I wouldn’t let my older child wear either but that’s just a personal choice thing too.xx

  2. November 10, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    Hey, great share……

    These costumes are really cute. I was looking for some costume ideas for Halloween. I really loved it. I am also going to get this sort of costume for my kids for this Halloween party.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more…

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