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Hatchimals Glittering Garden Review

When the children saw the new Hatchimals Glittering Garden box come into the house, the excitement was very high indeed.

Hatchimals were the most talked about toy last Christmas, with shops selling out and desperate parents travelling for miles or paying over the odds to make sure that their children weren’t disappointed and the Glittering Garden adds a sparkling new layer to it.

Very similar to a Furby in my mind, (remember them? I had one as a child and adored it!), the fun starts when the toy is still in egg form. You can hear it making noises and talking to you and there are various lights that mean that you have to do certain things to make it happy.

Pink light – hold the bottom of the egg to hear the heartbeat.

Red light – the hatchimal is upset, rub the bottom of the egg to soothe.

Orange light – needs to burp, pat the bottom of the egg.

Flashing orange lights – hiccups, tap the egg to scare them away.

Yellow light – it’s exploring, play in different ways to see what happens.

Green light – it’s sick, rub the bottom of the egg or tilt to make it sneeze.

Light blue light – cold, rub the bottom of the egg.

Dark blue light – scared, rub the bottom of the egg to comfort or tap the egg to scare it more. (Seems so mean!)

White – Going to sleep, rub the bottom of the egg to wake it.

Eyes off – it’s listening, tap on the bottom of the egg and it taps back.

Something I didn’t realise was that the hatching process takes 20 – 25 minutes and playing with it in egg form is part of the fun. Luckily, if you hold it upset down for 8 seconds, it switches off and you can resume the hatching process later on, perfect for children with slightly short patience levels!

It also needs to be in a darker environment because we opened it on a sunny balcony in Italy and couldn’t see any of the lights and didn’t even realise it has eyes that glow through the ‘shell’ until we moved inside.

After the children had played with the egg for a while, something very exciting happened, it started hatching! Now I found this bit amazing, there were violent taps from the inside which resulted in cracks forming and then small holes and you could see a purple beak poking through. It spun round in circles until it had cracked all the way round and we could lift the hatchimal out, discovering that it was a ‘draggle’.

You have to pull quite hard to release it from the egg and then take off the plastic around the wings. It will sing ‘hatchy birthday’ signifying that it is ready to play. After it has hatched it is a ‘baby’ and the children played with it until it turned into a ‘toddler’, which actually took a lot shorter then I’d imagined, around 20 minutes. There are new games that are added in at each level.

Next was kid and as well as the previous modes, you can also teach it to talk, the eyes turn turquoise and you speak to it and it repeats everything back to you in a squeaky voice that has caused mass hilarity. Once it is a ‘kid’ there is a disco mode and it plays music and dances. Word of warning, turn it off when you leave it, it very nearly met a sticky end when it danced it’s way to the edge of the counter and I caught it in a move a pro cricketer would be proud of!

Verdict: My children have loved playing with their hatchimal, it’s something they tend to pick up and play with in short bursts but I can see the enjoyment lasting. The process of hatching to kid seemed very short, within an hour I would say, but it has more features now.

It also has an off switch which is one of the most important as a parent!

Buy the Hatchimals Glittering Garden Draggle we have here.

I have an absolutely brilliant hatching and playing with video to come but I’m currently away and the wifi is too poor to upload it but it will be added as soon as I can.





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