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Little Live Pets Kitten Cuddles Review

We were sent the Little Live Pets Kitten Cuddles to review, here is how we got on!

The kitten is a good solid plush with long white fur and it comes ‘to life’ with 4 AAA batteries which you need a phillips screwdriver to unscrew it’s hind leg ‘paws’ to insert. It has a try me, an off and an on switch. Also located on it’s hind paw.

The Little Live Pets Kitten has large blue eyes and is very cute. It also comes with a blank adoption certificate and name tag so you can officially name your new family member.Little live pets kitten cuddles. Review pic of the kitten standing on a wooden dresser.

Once you have the batteries in and the kitten switched on, it reacts to sensors on it’s cheeks, nose, back and mouth. If you stroke it’s cheeks it nuzzles you and purrs, stroke it’s back and it wags it’s tail, makes eating noises when you put the bowl that comes with it and goes to sleep. It had 6 play modes and makes 20 different kitten sounds.

The one thing I’d say is that like all of the toys similar to this, the whirring and noise of the inner workings is quite loud. I’m also not quite sure how long it will be until the novelty wears off but I think this is a very sweet toy and great for children that aren’t able to have a real kitten for whatever reason. Perfect for allergies and best of all, no litter trays to change!

*We were sent the toy free of charge to review, all thoughts and unbiased opinions are my own.*


1 Comment

  1. Kim Neville
    December 3, 2017 / 5:01 pm

    Looks cute. My kids would like having one as we don’t have pets

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