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Looking forward to the Digital Kids Show.

On November 18th we will be heading over to Manchester for the Digital Kids Show. Held at Event City Manchester, the venue is in easy reach of public transport and has parking for 3000 cars.

My two have not really discovered Youtube yet, (although they like watching Mummy doing craft videos!), but there will be some big name YouTube stars there including Big B Statz, Amy Lee and Beau’s Toy Farm.

With a big focus on gaming there will many many things going on to do with Minecraft, Mario, Lightseekers, Fifa new games and apps that are being released and also a 40 player Minecraft hub!

The emphasis is on gaming but there is also a lot of creating too, with coding and robotics workshops featuring Stikbots, HexBug, Siemens and Vex Robotics.

There are also lots of events for active kids as well, including parkour, (the thing we are really excited about!), laser tag, ice skating, hoverboards,and even a scooter disco! Exciting stuff!

In amongst all of this there are plenty of live shows, with the most exciting being the popular dance act Diversity. We can’t wait but I’m worried it will give my son (even more!) ideas about head spins and back flips! 😀

Tickets cost £85.00 + booking fee for a family of 4 or £25.00 + booking fee for a single but you can get a 10% discount with this handy code, Pink10.


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