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We made a unicorn! Designing a dream horse with Petplan.

My dream horse.

We were all very excited to be part of a project to design a dream pet, a fun collaboration with Petplan, but my daughter really didn’t want to be left out, luckily there was another option, to design a dream horse!.

At the time of drawing, we had just said goodbye to our doggy Monty and so it was great to have a distraction for all of us.

They set down to work, and my daughter didn’t have to think for a second about what she was going to draw, a unicorn of course!! Well she is my child! 😀

She came up with a very detailed drawing using almost all the colours we had and adding helpful notes about glitter and sparkle, then she named it Rainbow Glitter Sparkle, (this was before Trolls!), and we sent it off.


She had a long time to wait, and watched her brother’s arrive first, but her patience paid off and one day that parcel arrived and she was so excited, she opened it up and found her very own drawing in toy form!

She now wants a real horse! There are loads around our area and she always looks at them wistfully. I think it’s unlikely, (but you never know!), but I shall keep in mind that Petplan actually do many horse insurance plans, including one of the few genuine ‘lifetime policies’ and work tirelessly to offer their equine customers the very best.

Visit their website for more details, Horse Insurance from Petplan Equine and also be sure to note that they work with 1,200 charities across the UK and since they formed the Petplan Charitable Trust in 1994 they have raised 7 million pounds to help give animals a better life.

dream horse

Thanks to Petplan, Rainbow Glitter Sparkles in no longer a flat 2D drawing but a beautiful, bright creation to take around! All thoughts and words are my own.


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