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Photo walking around London with the IPhone 8 plus & Samsung Galaxy S8.

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Lucy from Three Mobile invited me up to London for a photo walk. I love London, I did architecture at a-level and the buildings in London are just so beautiful. I love that I can walk past a Victorian building and then spot a super modern, space age, glass fronted office two doors down. The variety is incredible and the thing you must always remember to do is look up! The photo opps are endless.

A photo of an amazing staircase I took on the three photo walk in London using the Samsung Galaxy.

An amazing staircase taken with the Samsung. Unedited.

As my Instagram is mostly the children out in the countryside, this gave me a real opportunity to indulge in taking photographs just for the sake of it. We were trying out the iphone 8 plus and after lunch at the quirky The Dickens Inn, I swapped to the Samsung S8.

A photo of a nut butter seller displaying her jars of nut butter and smiling at a food market in Maltby.

Taken on the iPhone 8Plus and edited.

We met at Bermondsey and made our way to the market at Maltby where we were given briefs to take some ask for some portrait photos of stall holders at work and the gorgeous produce available, I took the photo above of a lady selling peanut butter. She posed for one and I snapped this one just as she was turning away, I actually prefer this one! The iPhone Plus has a depth effect function which auto blurs the background making for very cool photos!

A photo of a mini gin barrel, some gin bottles with yellow roses in and a glass of bright coloured straws outside a bar at the market.

This beautiful bright display caught my eye!

Two bowls of salad, the closest being a big wooden bowl of bright purple coleslaw.

I used the depth effect photo on the iPhone 8 Plus to take this and I think it really stands out with the slightly blurred background. Edited.

Then we went on to lunch. Stopping a lot for photos! I had some lovely ones taken of me by the very lovely May from Eat Cook Explore.

A photo of a very cook waterfront restaurant with very cool outdoor glass dining pods to stay warm and still enjoy the view!

I love the idea of this restaurant with their little outdoor dining pods! Taken on the Samsung. Unedited.

A photo looking up and some perfect blue sky with the clouds reflected in the glass of a large building.

Look at those perfect blue skies!! Taken on the Samsung. Unedited.

These are just a few of the many many maaaannnnnny photos I took. We were so lucky with the weather and it was a really lovely day hanging out with some like minded bloggers in a city I adore. I even had a play with the time lapse on my iPhone 7 outside the iconic Globe Theatre.

Thoughts on the phones;

The IPhone 8 Plus felt enormous but it was far than the iPhone 8 camera wise. We noticed that the iPhone 8 had none of the functions that made the Plus so cool and was pretty much the same as my iPhone 7 which was a little disappointing as I prefer the size of my phone but loved the cool functions of the Plus.

A photo of The Dickens Inn in London, an ancient building with a sloped roof and two rows of balcony with wooden railings all across the front of the building with many hanging baskets and surrounding foliage.

The gorgeous Dickens Inn where we stopped for lunch. This is taken on the iPhone 8 Plus and is unedited.

I used to be a Samsung girl but it’s been a long time since I had one and so I struggled to get to grips with it, it didn’t seem to have the ‘tap the screen to focus’ function that the iPhone does but the photo quality is very good and the screen is lovely and large. I did notice that the Samsung photos didn’t look as good when I took them, but I haven’t needed to edit them, whereas a lot of my iPhone pics have been edited in Snapseed.

*Three very kindly paid for our travel and lunch and provided the phones to use for the day*


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  1. November 5, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    Ah you always take fab photos Louise, these are stunning. I have just upgraded to the Samsung S8. I had an iPhone years ago and hated it so much I doubt I’ll ever go back to apple for phones despite the fact that I am utterly addicted to my Macbook! Sounds like you had a fun day and I just love the photo of you.

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