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Smart Globe Day and Night review.

We were recently sent the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Day and Night to review and I’ve got to say, the stars were the thing that really swung it for me! The globe itself is bright and clear and feels lovely and smooth and very sturdy. It looks lovely on it’s own as an ornament, especially lit up with the constellations in the dark.

Not just a globe, this does so much more. Using AR the globe connects with an app on your phone to give you information and facts about the different countries around the World. As you scan over it with the app open on your phone or tablet, the globe springs to life and animals stroll across the countries. Tap on them and it opens a box of information about the animal and reads it aloud to you while you listen to the animal noise. You can also select landmarks, dinosaurs or weather and see little tornadoes swirling around. Pretty cool! There are also general knowledge questions and you can take photos of the animals.

The other amazing thing about it is that it also tells you the constellations, star gazing is something that I love and something that I feel my kids miss out on a bit living in a town. This gives them a brilliant idea of what’s going on above our heads, even if we can’t always see it. Just press a button on the base and the whole thing lights up and the constellations are clear to see.

Any cons? Sometimes the app struggles to pick up the globe, you have to make sure you hold it at the right distance away and then move it around to get it to recognise it again which can be really frustrating for small people.

Overview: I love this toy. Even just as a globe without the extras it is a very nice addition to a bedroom. It takes batteries but you can get a cable to plug into the mains.

The Oregon AR Day and Night Globe has a rrp of £29.99.


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