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Staying social abroad. How I travel and blog at no extra cost with Go Roam.

We are fortunate enough to be able to travel abroad regularly. My parents live part time in Italy and we also have a campervan called Wilma that we use to explore Europe.

Being a blogger requires me to be online a fair bit. Not just the actual blog itself but also the social media that goes hand in hand. Plus I’m a very social person and have daily whatsapp group messages that I’d struggle to catch up on after a week!

It wouldn’t be possible for me to use my phone abroad so much if it wasn’t for Three and their Go Roam – Feel at Home policy, thanks to that, I can use my phone in 60 destinations worldwide in exactly the same way as I do at home with absolutely no extra fees. All of my message, call and data allowances are there exactly as if I were at home. I have been with Three for several years now, mainly because of this policy, and on my last holiday, 7 days in Italy and Switzerland, I saved over £120 of roaming costs!

go roam

Sharing pics from the slopes!

It means that I can update my blog if I want to, message and chat to friends and family and also post photos to Instagram like this one:

You may have noticed a lack of pictures from me, sorry! (Although there have been lots of instagram stories!) We’re on holis! First to Italy to meet my rents with my aunties and then to Switzerland to ski. Here are a few notes from the last few days: •We left for my Auntie’s house late because I had to wait in for a parcel of essential ski gear. So disorganised! 🎿 •This meant no stopping due to M25 issues if we were too late. •I needed a wee after 15 mins. Journey was 2 hours 20 in total. 😬 •The flight went fairly well considering. No one cried and no one died. Always a win! •Going out for dinner the first night, my darling son revealed he couldn’t put his only shoes on because he’d walked into the lake in them earlier. Luckily benevolent grandfather took pity on him & took him to buy the very smart sandals in the pic. I would have made him go in his socks! 😉 •My husband lost his passport at home. Cue frantic attempts to help him look (properly!) from a distance. •Passport is located after several frantic hours. 👌🏼 •Husband gets caught in traffic on the way to the airport (onto next eve now) resulting in a very stressed me simultaneously tracking him using his phone, (I’m not a weird stalker, it’s a feature!!), and checking maps trying to predict if he’d make the flight. 🙀 •He did, just! I then had an hour’s drive to get him in an Italian car on Italian roads. I managed it, only having one mishap when I overshot all the parking & had to go round again. All good fun though right?! Here are the kids enjoying the baking hot sun before we left. I shall update you on the Swiss part of the trip soon!

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I can also keep up with my emails, meaning that I don’t miss any jobs that come in while I’m away. Although I definitely try and put my phone away more on holiday, having the option to keep my business ticking over at no extra cost is invaluable.

It means I can take photos for fashion jobs abroad and upload them straight away if I need to.


Three were kind enough to invite me to see them at their stall at BlogOn and paid for my ticket and travel expenses in exchange for my help in spreading the word about Free to Roam.


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  1. May 25, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    It’s amazing being able to use the phone and data for no extra cost isn’t it? I think it makes the world a little more accessible and the possibility of remote working a little more convenient.

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