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Treads Indestructible school shoes.

{AD} Treads Indestructible school shoes.

Treads indestructible school shoes

Anyone with school aged children will know that this is quite a claim. In my experience, my children would always scuff their school shoes within a week, sometimes a day, of getting them. They take so much abuse and get so much wear. Children are in school for approximately 190 days of the year and they will usually only have one pair of school shoes at a time until they either outgrow them or they are too scuffed. Now that’s a lot of wear!

Treads indestructible school shoes

Treads approached me last year to tell me about their indestructible school shoes for boys and asked if my son would like to try a pair. I emailed them back and thanked them for their offer but queried why they were only for boys, as in my experience, my daughter made as short work of a pair of school shoes as my son. 

Treads indestructible school shoes

So at the end of the year, they came back to me and I was very happy to hear they have added more feminine style shoes to the range aimed at girls, and they sent us a couple of pairs to try. They look just like regular school shoes, solid and well made but there’s a difference, Treads come with a 12 month guarantee, if you’re not happy with the wear of the outside of the shoes, they will replace them for you! (Obviously this doesn’t include being used as a scooter brake fyi, something my son could be guilty of!) The reason that they are so tough is that they are manufactured in a completely different way, using a ‘strobel’ technique which involves placing the upper in a mould and then injecting the sole around it. This creates a single unit with no glue involved. 

Treads indestructible school shoes

The shoes have a duel fit technology and come with a removable insert, making them suitable for both regular and wide fit feet. The heels are reinforced, they are breathable and water resistant, the seams are reinforced, they have a wipe clean surface and are scuff proof. Phew! That’s some pretty fancy stuff! All of this combines to produce a very hard wearing but flexible shoe designed to take as much running, jumping, skipping, hopping and stomping as a child can throw at them!

Below are some of the styles due to be released in June.

Treads indestructible school shoes

The company was started in 2015 by single father Simon who was utterly fed up of paying £50 a pair for school only to have them scuff or worse within a week. He has worked so hard to perfect these shoes and ensures that they all go through rigerous testing in the factory and where it matters, on the playground itself, before being put to market. The shoes are available to buy from their website or on Amazon and are priced between £35 and £45 with free delivery and free returns.



Treads indestructible school shoes

Our thoughts: The shoes look like other school shoes on the market. Possibly a little sturdier, but otherwise you wouldn’t think they are different and so wouldn’t stand out on the playground. The velcro is very strong and the seams are very well finished. All in all, we are impressed and look forward to putting them further to the test over the coming months!

**Disclaimer; this is an advert, we received the school shoes free of charge and I have been paid for my time creating this, and accompanying social media content by Treads. All opinions are honest and my own.**



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