News, Views and Kick Ass Reviews!

As you may be able to guess by the page title, I’m all about the words, and hopefully you enjoy my opinion on things too. Here you’ll find places we’ve been, things we tried and what I think about them.

Discovering Num Noms.

We were recently invited to an event held by Num Noms. If you are wondering what on earth they are, you’re not alone, I was slightly clueless as well, as my children are probably just under the age to discover these…or were! Num Noms are collectable, stackable, scented food items, either containing…

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Persil Wild Explorers App Review

  We’ve been testing out the new Persil Wild Explorers app and have decided it’s brilliant! Persil have teamed up with some big hitters in the get kids outdoors movement, including the National Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Wild Network to help parents get their kids outside more. The app is totally…

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Bringing History to Life, The ECW Society.

Do your kids find history boring? Do you struggle to get them engaged with the past? We found the perfect solution! We spent a weekend joining the English Civil War Society for their re-enactment weekend at Newport Pagnell. As my aunties are musketeers, we were lucky enough to be able to see behind the scenes as…

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Cat Care with the RSPCA

When the RSPCA approached me and asked me to write an article about owning a cat in exchange for some treats for her from their website, I was happy to help. Our aging cat Pablo, has recently returned to live with us at the grand old age of 11, (she’s…

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My Little Sous Chef- Review and Giveaway

         I was recently sent a gorgeous set of cookbooks by My Little Sous Chef. It was a concept I’d not come across before, a cook book for the grown up, and a separate one for the child, with all the same recipes, but with the different…

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Education Quizzes- A review.

I recently got asked to review a site stuffed full of quizzes for school children. Now I don’t know about you, but my brain is very very rusty. I’ve realised, since my daughter started school, that all the knowledge I may, (or may not!), have gleaned in the classroom has long gone,…

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AR Dinosaur Digging Kit Review.

We just met a dinosaur! Excitement has been high in the house this evening, I was recently sent an amazing kit to review, the AR Dino Digging Kit from Great Gizmos and let me tell you, it’s pretty mind blowing if you, like me, grew up without all this amazing technology,…

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A Squirmy Wormery!

When we were asked by Interplay to review their fab Living World Wormery, there is a chance that I was more excited then the kids! (I totally was!) As a country girl, I love things like this, as a child, my friends and I would play ‘David Attenborough’ and go exploring…

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Enchanted Gardens with Wyevale

We had so much fun on Monday, we were invited to go and make Enchanted Gardens and have lunch at our local Wyevale Garden Centre and it was so lovely. I’ve written before about my my massive love of garden centres and we are regular visitors to this one mainly due to the…

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Waddesdon Manor: Waddes not to love?!

I’m sorry I’m sorry! I know that is a terrible play on words but it came into my head when I first thought about this post about visiting Waddesdon Manor, and luckily, it more then lived up to all expectations! Plus, I am officially a Mum now, so I exercise…

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Dunster Castle and a night of Glamping

Something happened at the beginning of the week that shook me to the core and left a blanket of sadness hanging thickly over our community. I don’t want to go into too much detail, or to dwell but another Mummy, a friend of mine, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. The…

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Calling all dog lovers!

Sometimes as a blogger, you get approached by companies asking you to be involved in an advertising campaign they are running. Some I say yes to, but only if I feel it is something interesting to my readers and also when it offers you the chance to win something cool for you and your dog!…

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We just found The Best Place Ever. Officially!

Today we went to one of the best, most fun and most active playgroups that we have ever found in five years of testing them out!

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Baking and Brewing Up for The Children’s Society

I love cake, I love tea, seemed a perfect thing to get involved with The Children’s Society’s Bake and Brew fundraising campaign! There are photos of cake, a recipe and a plea for ideas from you in this post, come and have a read…..with a cuppa and some cake of course!! 😀

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Fab free day out at The Wilson in Cheltenham.

So much free fun at The Wilson. Photo overload and a bit of silliness too!! 😀

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Giffords Circus. A review. A very very good one!

Giffords Circus Review 2015 This morning didn’t have the most auspicious start I’ve got to admit. I’m not a big drinker usually but this weekend just happened to include two nights out in a row. Including last night when Mr PB and I accidently crashed a wedding. No seriously. It…

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Where are you from? Also a step by step guide to giving blood.

Not literally, but historically! I give blood and I am a B negative which is so rare that only two percent of the population have it, and today the nurse who was taking my blood was very excited because she has the same blood group and noticed that I was…

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Climbing playgroup – a review

Yes you read that right, a climbing playgroup. I almost don’t want to review this one as it is so amazing and I’d hate for it to get too busy for us to get a place! Held at a proper climbing centre, The Warehouse in Gloucester, this playgroup is one…

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