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Brilliant brunch at The Bottle of Sauce Cheltenham

We are huge fans of brunch and were excited to be invited to visit the lovely The Bottle of Sauce in Cheltenham, part of the Dodo Pub group, to try our their brand new brunch menu. The Bottle of Sauce is somewhere we only discovered recently, it is huge and situated near the main library, with a large indoor area in different areas, a games room and a separate canteen and outdoor area. It has a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and the staff were all really lovely.

My two children tucking into their brunch at the Bottle of Sauce in Cheltenham, one enjoying waffles with bacon and maple syrup and the other an enormous breakfast brioche stuffed with sausage patty, black pudding, cheese and egg!

Something we didn’t realise before is that the pub is dog friendly, really really dog friendly, they even have dog biscuits on the bar! We would definitely have brought Hendrix if I’d have known before. (See my post on other dog friendly places to go in Cheltenham here.)

There is an extensive menu for brunch, with some really delicious choices for vegetarians as well which is lovely, it can get a bit boring having the same things all the time. The ingredients are really fresh, the poached eggs were perfectly done and the mushrooms were absolutely amazing, they can sometimes be a bit soggy and bland when I cook them at home, but these were packed full of flavour and so tasty. There was also a fabulous leek and cheese patty to replace the meat and the avocado salsa was so yummy.

The absolutely delicious looking Mighty Vegetarian Brunch at the Bottle of Sauce in Cheltenham, consisting of perfectly poached eggs, a leek and cheddar crumbed patty, sourdough toast, amazing mushrooms, hashbrowns and beans. So yummy!

The kids had waffles with bacon and maple syrup and a full English breakfast bap, (not each!) but it’s not your standard breakfast fare, smoked tomato sauce replaces ketchup, the buns are brioche and the toast is sourdough. It’s all really tasty and both kids wolfed theirs down, I was floored by mine in the end, and couldn’t finish, that’s how much there was.

The kids and I hanging out underneath the illuminated dodo sign when we went for brunch at the Bottle of Sauce the other day!

We had a lovely time and I will definitely be taking Dave back there, it will be our new favourite brunch haunt and next time we will take Hendrix as well. I’ve had lunch there before and that was very good too, there are meat, vegetarian and vegan options on the menu which means that we can all eat happy, as I’m veggie and Dave and the kids are not.

**We were invited to try the new menu and received our food and drink free of charge in order to create this review.**


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