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Move Chiropractic in Cheltenham – Review

Move Chiropractic Cheltenham review.

I am a slightly broken human! I haven’t always treated my body with the care and respect it deserves and as I am getting older, I am really feeling it, every night spent on a sofa, every time I balanced a baby on my hip with the phone under one ear and every whiplash injury seems to be coming back to haunt me! When Hilary got in touch to ask me if I’d like to review her clinic, Move Chiropractic in Cheltenham, I was thrilled. Ad -I received 3 complimentary sessions in order to fully review the service.

The attractive reception and waiting room at Move Chiropractic in Cheltenham.

I try to ignore the aches and pains, as you often have to as a busy Mum, but after having some mysterious pains in my lower left side that had seen me at a specialist being told that there is no obvious medical reason and that it might be muscular, I thought this might be my chance to get some answers. Hilary is based in Rodney road, (a convenient central location), on the ground floor of a beautiful regency house. Her light and airy reception and treatment room are tastefully decorated in the green and grey of her logo and a cheerful skeleton greets you from the window. Once in the main door, the doorbell is to the right and Hilary comes out to greet you personally. If you are early, she will finish with her previous client while you wait on the comfortable chairs with a magazine, otherwise, she welcomes you straight in to her room, a spacious area with a desk and chairs and a high tech bed.

The light and airy waiting room at Move Chiropractic in Cheltenham with seating in the same green/yellow as the logo and a pretty cheese plant on a stand in the corner.

For my first appointment, I was asked to come ten minutes early to fill out some forms on a tablet detailing my previous medical health and with a diagram to show where I had any pain. It was very simple and straightforward and as soon as I had finished, Hilary got started! We had an initial chat about the answers I had given to the forms and then she asked me to take off my clothes to my underwear for a full examination. I had leggings so I was in a bra and leggings which was fine, the room is warm and Hilary is so lovely and friendly and put me at my ease straight away so I didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. We chatted about my migraines and hysterectomy, whilst Hilary examined me thoroughly, standing, sitting and then lying on the bed. She checked me over head to toe and then we sat and had a chat about what she discovered, using her prop skeleton to show me before starting the treatment, she used language that made it really simple for me to grasp what she was talking about without feeling the need to write anything down to internet search later. She also explained how this issues related to each other in a way that was clear and made total sense. 

Hilary the chiropractor at Move Chiropractic in Cheltenham using a model skeleton to talk me through what is going on with my body.

Hilary is warm and personable but more importantly, really knows her stuff. She picked up on several issues I had no idea about, including a slight scoliosis that no other osteopath or chiropractor had noticed before, she also thought the pain in my side could be down to a rib that has probably been frozen since pregnancy 7 years ago. She also noticed that I am hyper mobile, something which runs in my family but I’d discounted for myself as I don’t tick the classic boxes for it. Everything she said made a lot of sense and best of all, she didn’t say that I was permanently broken, everything was fixable! 

The first treatment session involved some cracking, (eek!), stretching and massage. Hilary told me what she was doing every step of the way so I didn’t feel nervous at any point. She was easy to chat to and aside from being half dressed and having her crunch and crack me every now and again, we could have been sat having a coffee and a catch up! I have had three sessions now, and after the first, I felt absolutely dreadful and had a migraine, (which had been brewing before my treatment) and had to go to bed at 8pm, but after that, I really started to feel the benefits. I haven’t had a migraine since, I don’t have so many general aches and pains and I’m sleeping much better I also started with an inch difference between my leg lengths, which has now got much less thankfully! Walking Hendrix feels much easier on my hip and knee when we do the big hill too, I used to get aches during and after but that seems a lot better.

Acupuncture was also used in my session today for the first time so I’m interested to see what effect that has. I’ve been so impressed with my sessions with Hilary that I’m paying to continue them. I think she is clearly incredibly well studied, great at what she does and a very lovely person as well, a winning combination in my book. Appointments are emailed to me and reminders come by text as well, which is just so useful when your brain is as full as mine is!

An initial consultation with Hilary is £60 and subsequent follow up treatments are £40. 


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