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Big Pink Link 35

It’s Big Pink Link 35 and I’m still on my break! I had a massive list of things that I wanted to achieve and pretty unsurprisingly, it’s not looking like any of it will get fully ticked off my to do list! And my house still looks like three twisters ripped through it simultaneously and then met in the middle in a sort of mega-explosion!

Literally the only upside to this that I can see is that there have been a spate of burglaries in our area recently and I genuinely believe that if they targeted our house, they would think that we had already been turned over and give up at the front door!

I also haven’t been getting to the gym as much as I’d planned and I haven’t finished half the blogmin I’d hoped. I have seen more of my friends, husband and kids though, which is obviously a massive bonus! 😀

Find your Wows over at El or Hannah’s blogs this week, have a good one and I shall see you next week.

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