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Big Pink Link 65

Big Pink Link 65

Huge thanks to our fabulous guest hosts from last week, Gemma from Life is Knutts and Jenny from Monkey And Mouse did a brilliant job so cheers all round. In charge this week you have myself and the gorgeous Kirsty from The Winnettes.

This weekend we have been mostly sweltering in our garden, but it’s been lovely. We also met some friends at the pub for a bit and had a day trip to London which was also brilliant, nice to go there as I was apprehensive before, it was absolutely fine and I’m glad we went.


Pink Pear Bear


Gemma’s Wows:

Gemma Nuttall

First WOW from me is by Ann who writes, Rainbows are too Beautiful. This post was so full of honesty and emotion I just had to pick it. Most of the time, when you’re pregnant, you envisage and dream of your kids being born, learning, growing up, going to school and maybe university and then moving out. For that to maybe not be the case, due to disability, additional needs or learning difficulties, must be very hard to cope with and it’s only natural that, as a parent, you will feel anxious and worried for what the future holds for you all. Ann has written in such a heartfelt way about this very subject and as a mum, I could completely relate to what she was saying. I want to wish Ann and her family luck for their uncertain journey ahead and let her know she is a really wonderful mum doing the best she can for her children.x

My second WOW is by Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous. Prabs wrote a really wonderful, heartfelt and emotional post on Facebook after the devastating Manchester terrorist attack and I just had to choose it as one of my wow’s. Hearing from her perspective how her own loved ones have been victims of racists and bigots was both heartbreaking and anger inducing. I have no words of advice, but I did tell Prabs that her writing was wonderful and that I’d be playing a small part by ensuring my children grow up to be compassionate and understanding people who can see the difference between Muslims, who are just loving, beautiful people like anyone else, and insane terrorists. They are not the same, they never will be. Not in their name.

Jenny’s Wows:

Jenny Eaves

My first WOW is Kid Versus Copy: Catherine has recently been diagnosed with Colon cancer, but the sheer bravery and strength she is going through it is amazing. I love how honest she is about what is happening, but clearly staying so positive is helping her. x

My second WOW is Wendy at Naptime Natter’s story about how postnatal depression is not what she imagined: Wendy didn’t think PND would ever affect her, but it did and it isn’t quite what she expected. As I have personally not had to deal with PND I have no idea how it would feel and Wendy’s post is brilliant at describing what it’s like suffering from PND. x

Pink Pear Bear
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