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Big Pink Link 84 – Firework frenzy!

Big Pink Link 84 with myself and Laura.

Another week flown by! I can’t believe it, Halloween was a fun night with lots of dressing up and for the first time we went out trick or treating, we only went to the houses with pumpkins out but it still felt weird to go round asking for stuff when I spend my time telling the kids not to!

It’s Bonfire weekend and we added to the stress with a party for 20 kids….at our house. Oh, and did I mention that we are having building work done? Just wonderful timing I’m sure you’ll all agree! Luckily it went to plan and was a great success. We’re doing some fireworks up at my Mum and Dad’s tonight with a bonfire and baked potatoes.


Pink Pear Bear


My Wows.

My first Wow is for Mummy Wishes and her brilliant Halloween costume! I can see why she won best costume at work with all that attention to detail.

My second Wow is for Our Rach Blogs and her very frank and honest post about her mental health struggles.

For Hannah;

My wow this week is from Wendy, Naptime Natter. Her post answers a question I get asked far too regularly and it was lovely to read her response. Was having children in her twenties a mistake? Pop on over to read her beautiful answer.



Pink Pear Bear
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