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Big Pink Link 88

Big Pink Link 88 with Hannah and I!

Can’t believe it’s been three weeks! The time just zooms by and we are firmly on the Christmas train now! Still haven’t decorated yet though, have you?


Pink Pear Bear


Hannah’s Wow: My WOW this week comes from Our Rach, I love posts like this, probably because I’m a nosey parker but I really enjoy reading posts that let you get to know a little more about the writer/blogger.

Gemma says: My WOW this week is by So Happy In Town. I laughed so much reading this comparison of life as a housewife in the 1950s v’s today. My poor husband, how hard done by he must be because I don’t fix my makeup and do an emergency dust of the house just before he gets in every day. No ‘haven of rest’ here I’m afraid. Welcome to the jungle more like!



Pink Pear Bear


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