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The Big Pink Link!!

Oooooooh our new linky is here! I am sooooooo excited!

So a long time ago, I think it was October, I decided to actually do the thing I’d been thinking and talking about for ages and run a linky. If you are looking at this and thinking ‘what in the heck is a linky?’ trust me, you’re not alone. I had absolutely no idea what one was before I started blogging.

I’m going to try and think of a fun analogy to explain it. An Easter egg hunt. Let’s imagine that I, (the blogger), am standing holding the basket. Other bloggers then bring their chocolate eggs to put in the basket, (their posts), I then get to enjoy the chocolate, (read some awesome posts), and then we can have a big blog-gy party  and share the chocolate, (read and comment on each others’ posts), and everyone is really happy!

(Trust me, this is a lot better then the first one which came to mind, which was about casting a net and everyone throwing their fish in!!)

So I decided I wanted to run one and chose the name and everything and then……nothing! It’s actually quite a bit of work and I got scared! But then, my blogging buddy Lucy from the fab This Mum’s Life messaged me and asked if I was still planning on it, and if I wanted to go in together.

So here we are!

Linky Logo Colour

We absolutely can’t wait to see what you link up. If you’re just here for a read, scroll on down and you can see loads, (hopefully!), of fab posts by all our blogging friends.

This is me by the way, Louise, 32, mum of two, 5 yo big girl and 3 yo small boy, very nice to meet you!

This photo is from ages ago, but one of the rare ones where I am actually glammed up for a change!

This photo is from ages ago, but one of the rare ones where I am actually glammed up for a change!

Jump in and enjoy!

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  1. February 15, 2016 / 9:28 am

    Thanks for the invite, linked up 🙂

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