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Advent Calendar Video Materials

Advent Calendar Video Materials.

Advent Calendar time. Christmas is coming!!

It’s Advent Calendar time again! A different simple craft every day.

If you will be following the video advent calendar, I thought I would let you know in advance the materials you will need for the craft activities each day. I’ve also tried really hard to make sure there aren’t too many obscure things on there, nothing worse then starting out with a craft project and finding out you need to visit five shops before you can start! I’ve also tried to make it the simplest crafts I could find. I shall keep updating this as we go.

Day 1: White paper or card, bright coloured paints, (finger painting so pots and brush for painting fingers or little tubs), black felt pen and optional red pen.

Day 2: 2 different shades of green card or paper, a paper plate, (or you could sub cereal box etc, you just need a cardboard ring), red paint or red felt pen, Christmassy ribbon, glue stick, scissors.

Day 3: Thin stick, fallen leaves, scissors, string – I used garden twine. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have fallen leaves at this time, you can also use pieces of felt, material or just paper. It would probably even work well with scraps of wrapping paper!

Day 4: Sticky back plastic or cold laminating pouches, tissue paper, scissors, black or silver permanent marker pen.

Day 5: Pinecones, white paint, pva glue, festive ribbon, silver glitter, pot to put the paint in.

Still to come: pinecones, green paint, glue, beads, glitter, party hat or card cone/paper plate, green felt, sparkly bits, salt, flour.




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