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Homemade Fairy Garden Tutorial – Try It Yourself!

Homemade fairy garden ideas.

Spring is on the way, I can feel it. Birds are singing their hearts out again, the days are getting warmer and our pots are full of daffs and pansies.

homemade fairy gardens

Look at our gorgeous pots!

I was asked to come up with ideas for a crafty wishlist and it got me thinking about fun spring projects to do with the kiddies. Fairy gardens are always very popular so I have come up with an indoor, flowering fairy garden idea, using products from The Works Arts & Crafts section, who have an extensive and very reasonable craft which if I could, I’d put all of it on my list!

homemade fairy gardens

This was the concept I sketched up for my homemade fairy gardens.

Starting with a pot of rock daffodils, (or any other potted plant you can keep indoors!), place into a larger round tray for watering. I would suggest filling it with moss if you can find some, or you can buy artificial moss, to be the grass, then using little stones to make a path from the front door.

Homemade Fairy garden

I would glue the door to the side of a pot of mini rock daffodils. £2.00

Then gluing a fairy door to the side, with a glue suitable for wood and plastic. To avoid the door soaking up water, I would recommend placing it slightly higher up the side of the pot so it isn’t sitting in the tray. You can always draw or make some steps going down.

Homemade Fairy garden

Using the letters to spell out ‘home’ or the fairy’s name maybe. £2.00



You could stick some wooden letters above with your child’s name, ‘home’ or maybe your fairy’s name above the door.

Homemade Fairy garden

Poster paint to decorate your fairy’s door. £3.00







You can always paint your door first if you like.

Homemade Fairy garden

These cute little pegs could be used to decorate the rim of the pot. £2.00

And then just go crazy with the embellishments! There are so many products suitable for this sort of project on the website under ‘arts and crafts’.

Homemade Fairy garden

Pretty stickers for added sparkle. Let little imaginations run wild! £1.00

Homemade Fairy garden

These fabric hearts can be glued on to the pot as decoration. £1.00











My daughter would go crazy about the homemade fairy garden idea, and my son would enjoy it too to some extent, but I was also thinking of doing a ‘dinosaur door’ for girls and boys less interested in fairies, using a cactus for the plant, or maybe aloe vera and then adding rocks and some plastic dinosaurs, with a path leading from the ‘cave house’ or dinosaur house door.

Homemade fairy garden

These leaves would make a great addition to an Autumn garden or a dinosaur version. £1.00

Homemade Fairy garden

These really caught my eye. I think my children would love the bright colours! £1.00

Homemade Fairy garden

There are so many stickers in this pack that we can use them for so many other projects and pictures too. £5.00

These stickers are fab because we can use them for some many more projects then just this one. Often they like just sitting down with a piece of paper and a few bags of these foam stickers to make pictures.

Homemade Fairy garden

Sparkly. That’s all you need to know! These little clips can also be used to decorate the rim of the pot. £2.00

Homemade Fairy garden

I thought these would make cool little stepping stones for your fairy across the moss. £1.00








The other thoughts I had were maybe a washing line draping across from the pot to the door with bits of sparkly fabric scraps for fairy clothes, and some fake fur scraps for cave clothes. Have you ever tried making a homemade fairy garden? Or maybe you have a brilliant dino den. They are always so much fun to make.

Homemade Fairy Garden

How cute are these teeny pegs!

If you like making things, you may like some of my other craft ideas. Simple Character Bookmarks, Spring Fingerprint Bugs, Paper Plate Rainbows.

Homemade Fairy Garden

Close up of my vision!


This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and ideas are mine. 😀 Please note that these are just ideas and I haven’t tried them out yet.

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  1. February 22, 2017 / 11:09 pm

    These are lovely, what a sweet idea. I have a fairy garden to make too although it’s a bought one that the girls had for Christmas. It won’t be as beautiful as yours, that sounds perfect, I love daffodils.

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