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Truths about Christmas – Is it the same everywhere?

There are some truths about Christmas that everybody knows.

  • No matter how prepared you think you are, you will always have forgotten something vital, resulting in a last minute dash on Christmas Eve.
  • Although the shops are only closed for one day, you will buy food as if there was an impending zombie apocalypse and you are going to be forced to stay in and feed your entire extended family for several months.
  • You will lose presents. You know you bought them and you know you put them somewhere safe but you will only find them in January. Then put them away again for next year…..and then find them the following January, this cycle may repeat until the said gift is no longer relevant!
  • On the morning itself, the children of the house will wake up ridiculously early. You will also have to get up early so as not to miss a second of the present opening. You hope they will at least let you boil the kettle for that much needed caffeine hit first!
  • The presents that took you hours to wrap will be open within minutes. The packaging the toys are in, on the other hand, will require the patience of a saint to unwrap, with twist ties, screws and sometimes even stitching. Stitching! Your children won’t have any patience at all and will make the process extra stressful by jumping on the sofa next you until you have freed the present from it’s cardboard prison.
  • When you finally have the present free, you’ll realise you forgot batteries! Nowhere is open and so you resort to taking all the batteries from the TV remotes in desperation, having to change the channel on the TV itself for two days.
  • Talking of presents, if you have very small children, the toy will be quickly cast aside in favour of another attempt to fell the Christmas tree. They will prefer the box the present came in anyway!
  • There will always be two random flavours left in the chocolate tin. No one likes them. They will sit there until everything else has run out. Then slowly you will start eating them because everyone knows the rule; all Christmas food must be consumed by New Year’s Day. When the health kick begins. (And sometimes ends too!)
  • Drinking will begin early. Breakfast time early. Bucks Fizz anyone?!
  • After lunch, you’ll be stuffed and ready for a nice relaxing nap in front of the tv. Unless you have children. Who will be high as a kite from the excitement, and too full of energy to stay in. Parents everywhere drag themselves to the play parks, new bikes are tested and everyone feels much better, (and a bit less sick!), ready to head back for yet more food.

It will be absolutely wonderful! Merry Christmas everyone!A message to Santa.

These are the truths about Christmas for me, would you add any?

Thank you all for all your support with the blog this year, it has been a real pleasure getting to know you through my facebook page, instagram and twitter and I really look forward to more of the same in 2018.

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  1. December 26, 2016 / 12:30 am

    Haha this did make me giggle, I was nodding along to all of it. Especially the New Year’s health kick. Every. Single. Year. One year I went running on new year’s day despite the fact it was raining so much that my phone got wet in the pocket of a waterproof jacket and I had to buy a new one. Hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

  2. December 29, 2016 / 12:28 am

    lol with the packaging, jesus we had loads here and it required screw drivers and much patience!

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