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SAD? Yes I think so.

Do you suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder?


I’ve been struggling this last few weeks. The back to school run is hard going already. Having to get two ready and out the door is proving a challenge. Tiredness seemed to take it’s toll within weeks of going back and simple tasks such as putting socks on has become too difficult for my little boy most mornings.

My daughter doesn’t cope well with change and having to adjust to the changes a new year brings took it’s toll and left me drained as I tried to cope with her sadness and anxiety once again. Thankfully a chat with her teacher turned everything around and she was much happier….until the winter bugs struck. She has also been finding her way back into our bed every night citing nightmares as the cause.

My darling boy has had his annual bout of croup, resulting in sleepless nights and those panicked ‘dog bark’ coughing fits that turn your heart to ice as a parent.

Now I am ill too, unable to sleep at night due to coughing fits and barely making it through the day. To top it all off, we’re having major kitchen re-modelling and the dust and chaos has been epic, leaving me to parent solo as my husband comes home and carries on with painting until late in the evening.

Add to that a puppy who eats anything and everything, (chunks of plaster people!), and needs a lot of exercise.

So is it any wonder that I’m feeling low? I can’t help feeling that there is a little more to it though. My usual positivity has done a runner, I’m struggling to work, I don’t want to write, the weight of my email inbox weighs heavily and yet I am unable to just tackle it. Having battled PND and suffered from Anxiety and Depression in the past, I recognise the apathy and the blanket of nothing that seems to drape itself over me each Winter.

The dark mornings and evenings just seem to sap my energy. The Autumn leaves that normally make me smile look duller, I’m struggling to muster up enthusiasm for events that are upcoming.

I wonder if it is perhaps SAD or maybe a combination of being tired, ill and run down. Either way, I am giving myself a week to sort it out. I’m going to try and take some pro-active steps to find the metaphorical (and literal!) sunshine again.

  1. Upping my vitamins.
  2. More fresh air. (Not hard when the dog needs walking!)
  3. More sleep. (I’m not sure when though!)
  4. Working through my to do list.
  5. Writing. (Tick!)

If this doesn’t help? Well, I’m not sure, I think I’ll wait until I’m better and get into running again. That always helps.

Anyone else in the same boat? Do you have any tips for me?



  1. October 11, 2017 / 2:01 pm

    So sorry to hear this. I do not think I am affected by the seasons as such but the hard slog to Christmas with the long term and bugs was always the toughest part of the year as a teacher. Everything is work when you are run down… and it is raining. Big hugs. Come see me and I will give you cake! xx

  2. October 11, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    Aaah Lou, it sounds like you have so much on your plate… I’m feeling mostly the same too. I don’t think I ever really came back from that bout I had at the end of spring/early summer. I keep trying to be positive about the future, and just can’t… I’m letting my confidence be knocked by the STUPIDEST things (hello there, anxiety, are you going to make me imagine the worst about every word someone says to me?!) and nearly dropped out of my course 3 weeks in, over something ridiculous, but knocked me for six at the time.
    Is your puppy getting any easier? Maybe a SAD light might help-my friend swears by hers? Anyway, I hope you feel much better soon, much love xx

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