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Disney on Ice Dream Big review.

We went to Disney on Ice Dream Big in Arena Birmingham at the weekend and oh my word was it everything we’d hoped and more! I wish we’d dressed up though, as there were so many ears and princess dresses and even an entire family dressed as Moana and Maui!

The show is a triumph in my book, everything from the clever set changes, the beautiful choreography and the gorgeous costumes are spot on.

A wild romp from Aladdin to Elsa and Anna with a whole host of favourites along the way including Moana and Maui for the first time.

There is also exciting story telling from Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Cinderella, complete with gorgeous carriage.

It’s a celebration of 90 years of Mickey and Minnie and they got lots of time on the ice in between acts.

All set to the songs we all know the best, getting the feet tapping and making it nearly impossible not to sing along! Luckily audience singing and dancing is actively encouraged.

There were some really original routines and even a couple of scary bits with Ursula making an appearance and Maleficent turning into a very angry dragon, complete with fire, which absolutely amazed the kids.

There were also fireworks in places and it was such a fabulous show, the kids sat transfixed throughout which was brilliant as at 6 and 7 it’s getting harder to find things they both enjoy! I think this face says it all really!

The practical bits, we went to Arena Birmingham to see the show;

Toilets: There were plenty and even though we tried to go right before the start of the show along with seemingly everyone else, there were still plenty of cubicles free in the ladies.

Refreshments: We just bought a bottle of water from the vending machine but it was £2.25 so I’d say take your own!

Security: There were metal detectors and bag searches at the entrances but it was done very quick and efficiently in my opinion and we weren’t kept waiting long.

Parking: It was a bit busy but we managed to find parking at the South Car Park without many issues which is right next to the Arena Birmingham.


**We received complimentary tickets in exchange for this review.**




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