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Feeling like a star in Pink Sorbet UK – Giveaway.

I am a massive massive fan of quirky, handmade items when it comes to mine and the childrens’ wardrobes. I have been admiring the lovely clothes that Hannah hand-prints and personalises for a while now, seeing them pop up in my feed always makes me smile and so I was thrilled when she messaged me and asked if we’d like to be Pink Sorbet ambassadors! A riot of metallics, neon, bright colours, simple motifs and rainbows are her trademark and it’s right up our street.My daughter posing in a grey long sweater with a sparkly pink unicorn on, she's also wearing pink leggings and pink wellies, she's leaning against a wooden railing with a backdrop or sand dunes and sea stretching off to the horizon. The sky is full of white cloud with little patches of blue in between.

Her clothes are all bright and cheerful with quirky touches like glitter and sparkle, and the thing I love most about them is the necklines of the sweaters, I’m super fussy with my own jumpers and really don’t like the generic unisex round neck that a lot of custom printed sweaters seem to have and it’s nice to see the variety of necklines on offer, particularly the scoop necks.

My son is in a dark blue jumper with the words super hero emblazoned across the front in neon orange, he is also wearing jeans and red wellies and the photo captures him in mid air as he jumps from the top of three slate steps leading to a door in a white house. His arms are stretched out to either side and he's looking down and away from the camera as he prepares to land.

We were sent a box of goodies for the children and I was so happy when I peeled back the beautiful pink tissue paper, there was a really cool dark blue jumper with a bright orange ‘super hero’ with lightening motif in neon orange for my son. My daughter got a grey longline sweater with the most perfect glittery pink unicorn emblem with ‘believe’ across it and I got a gorgeous pink sweater with rose gold metallic star on the front. All the heart eyes!

This is a photo of me attempting to pose in a pink jumper with a metallic rose gold star on the front. I am standing on the beach near to the shore line, I also have on a pink bobble hat, sunglasses, a thick blue winter coat and blue jeans. My children are just visible in the background, half hidden behind me, playing near the water and behind them two boats float and seagulls circle overhead.

I also got a Breton style stripy top in blue and white with a metallic pink star on the front that I haven’t got a picture of me in yet as it’s fractionally tight but I’m currently on a diet so I know it will look much better in a couple of weeks. 😀 I’ll be sure to add it to the post and you will most definitely see me in it on social media as I love it! The clothes are all really good quality, soft and a nice thickness with well finished seams and the embellishments are all really well attached with no lifting or peeling. They are also not too thick so they mould nicely to your body, some I’ve found to be too stiff and they don’t bend nicely when you sit down etc.

The final picture is of my little boy in the same outfit as before, holding on to the wooden railing and posing for the camera, one arm is slightly in front and he's smiling broadly. Behind him my daughter plays on a large expanse of patio and decking with the sea visible again in the background.

We took our jumpers to Wales for our Easter holidays and got a ton of compliments and some lovely photos for this blog post as well!

You can get a brilliant 10% off on the Pink Sorbet UK Etsy shop by using the code PINKPEARBEAR and what’s more, you could also win a pink star jumper of your very own, just like the one I’m wearing in a size of your choice. Find Hannah as Pink Sorbet UK on Instagram.

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  1. April 11, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    What stunning items! I’ve been following on insta for a while and the jumpers really do look so comfy.

  2. April 17, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    I love the pink jumper with the star on it that you’ve got on, gorgeous!

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