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Feeling the love!

Oh wow, I am really feeling the love today! I’m going to think of it as an early Valentines. As actual Valentines will probably be a very un-romantic affair. After almost 14 years together, and with two small children, it is unlikely that we will do anything more romantic then an evening of netflix. Or maybe a sit in the car! (Read on to discover what on earth I’m on about!)

13 years and counting!!

13 years and counting!!

The reason for my warm fuzzies, (technical term!), is that I have been featured on two fabulous other blogs twice in a day, both interviews, and the comments they are receiving are so lovely! I’ve been a bit poorly today and it has really really cheered me to see all the really nice and positive comments people are making about me.

The interview with me is here, and the interview with Mr Pear Bear is here. (Where you will find out the car reference!) I’m so excited to be featured on both of these fabulous blogs, and if you’ve discovered me through them, then hi! *Waves a little too enthusiastically, possible squeals a bit* (And no, before you ask, I will never reveal the edited answers, I ate the paper after and threatened the hubster with a trip to the crusher with his mountain bike if he ever reveals! 😉 )

I also had some really lovely feedback on my previous post, which was a new style for me, with some regular readers saying it was their favourite post so far! You can read that here if you so wish.

To finish up with all the gushy, love stuff, I want to add that This Mum’s Life and I are embarking on a new venture on Monday and we have received lots of really really positive feedback so far, which is making us really really happy. I have also finished the art work for it. So I’m super pleased, just a wee bit of coding to wrangle and we’re good to go. Hands up if you want a sneak peak?! (I’m going to show you even if you didn’t put your hand up, it took me hours and I’m desperate to share!!)

IMG_9098 (Edited)

So if you’re a new reader, very  nice to meet you, do stick around and follow me somewhere, I’m pretty entertaining on most platforms, (even if it’s not intentional!!), and if you’re one of my lovely regulars, thanks for being so supportive and lovely this last eight months, (interview was done a little while ago if you spotted that!), your comments and interaction across all the social media sites and on here really do mean the world!

There are some new (ad)ventures pending.

In the pipeline:

  • Video craft alongs for kids in the style of my story videos.
  • A linky launching. (A way of gathering lots of lovely bloggers’ posts together in one place.)
  • I’ve had some bookings for festivals to do interactive story telling sessions of my own books.
  • Getting the pages of my first book perfectly finished and organising a print run.

So not much then!! 😉

Here’s to whatever excitement the next few months brings.

Watch this space……maybe not literally though, this may take a while! 😀



  1. February 10, 2017 / 11:02 pm

    New venture? New linky? New book?? I have lots of questions!!!! More please!!

    • February 11, 2017 / 2:24 pm

      This is uber old Cheryl! 😀 Just before the birth of the big pink link!!xx

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