My two are total outdoor loving kids, my son especially, and so I thought I would create a gift guide of things that every outdoor loving kids would be thrilled to open at Christmas or on their birthday. There is nothing better then being outside and things that keep us occupied in the great outdoors will always make the best presents.

Contains items sent to me free of charge for inclusion, prices correct at time of posting.

These two outdoor loving kids always want a big adventure like climbing this big hill with Hendrix the dog leading the way!

From toys and games to clothing to adventure in, we’ve got you covered with this gift guide packed full of gorgeous presents. Here are my 15 amazing gifts for outdoor loving kids!

1. Den Building Kit

First up, the Den Kit Company and their incredible den building kits. Such a great idea and we’ve had a lot of road testing as my son got one for his birthday in September and has not stopped playing with it since. Comes complete with groundsheet, tarp, pegs, some camo face-paint, rope and even an enamel mug for drinking a cuppa in.

If you have kids that love the great outdoors, the Den Kit Company have some glorious options!

All in a sturdy washable bag. They have a large range of different den kits available including a pirate kit as well as lots of fun activity kits to keep your little adventurers busy in the great outdoors. Den kits start at £40 and the kit pictured is also available on Amazon for £45.00.

2. Interactive Bee Box Set

Next we have a really gorgeous Interactive Bee Box Gift set and a lovely Butterfly Identification booklet from Peach Perfect, perfect for placing into a garden to encourage more wildlife in to observe. Now more than ever we need to look after mini beasts, especially the humble bee, endangered and so important and I’ve found with my children that the thing to really get them interested is to teach them to look out for wildlife, to identify it and learn about it’s habitat needs and how we can help.

The Bee House and Butterfly identification kit are brilliant for kids who love being outdoors.

We will be taking out butterfly guide out next year as I’ve never seen as many butterflies around Gloucestershire as we did this Summer and it was hopeless trying to google them all to identify them! Wildlife World Interactive Bee Box Gift Set £29.00 Butterfly Field Guide £5.50

3. Twistii Rotating LED Light

Any great explorer will have times when they need a light in the dark and generally, hands free is much better when you’re adventuring, especially the evenings get darker and darker.

The twistii torch, perfect for hands free light.

Enter Twistii, a rechargeable, rotating LED torch you can operate with one hand that sits on your wrist and shines a light on your hands so you can see what you’re doing. It’s also weather proof! Perfect for all sorts of jobs for both kids and adults alike, when it’s not in use making dens, I’ll be using it to walk Hendrix for sure! Twistii Foxx Wrist Torch £14.95

4. Personalised Poster

This gorgeous poster from Ink and Drop is a great way to remind your little wanderer that they may be indoors but there are more adventures to be had.

There are so many designs to choose from, you can even customise your own prints but I loved this one as it’s perfect for my little explorer and will give him inspiration to keep adventuring! A is for Adventure personalised poster from £18.50

5. Studios Creator Video Maker Kit

Last up might sound a little strange as it’s an indoor kit but we have been having so much fun with the Studio Creator Video Maker Kit.

The Studio Creator Video Maker Kit is great for making and editing videos.

My two absolutely love to get outdoors but they’re getting to an age where they enjoy tech and making videos too, with this set, they have been having fun setting the background to the Amazon, or the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and pretending to be David Attenborough style reporters.

It’s really been good for them to research different animals and countries, hopefully that we can one day visit! Studio Creator Video Maker Kit £24.99 from Amazon.

6. Gardening Set

As kids getting involved and helping out can just be as fun as playing with toys and if you children already love being outside a great gift to get it their own gardening tools kit. Don’t bother with the plastic one unless they are very little and let them have their own useful set of gardening tools.

The set is great quality and comes with gloves, bucket, fork and shovel along with some friendly faces to mark their work in progress. £17.95 from Amazon.

7. Lessons To Learn Something New

You can find a number of things that your child can learn and try out, a great gift to give is an experience. This is a great time to encourage a new hobby or try something new. You can buy packs such as red letter days for activities or you can create coupons of your own to give.

Ideas such as horse riding lessons, fishing lessons or even orientating lessons. There are so many more you can look at getting for your child depending on what they enjoy or like.

8. A Camera

A great thing to get kids who love going outside is a camera. Camera’s are great as they really can bring out the creativity out of a child and can really make the outdoor adventures much more fun.

You can easily document your adventures and journeys with a camera and make great memories. The V-tech kidizoom is durable and easy to handle and even easier to use. It makes a perfect gift for children who are creative and want to be able to snap their own adventure photos. £39.99 from Amazon.

9. A TeePee

A great gift for children who love the outdoors and spending time outside is getting a teepee. A teepee can go outside or even inside when the weather is wet and dark. I love this idea as it is super fun and can create such a fun environment.

Teepee’s are so much fun and can be a great place to sit and read, use as a shelter in the sunshine and a great place to make a den. There are so many fun things you can do with a teepee and it is a great way of having fun outdoors, that doesn’t involve all your nice blankets going out into the garden. £38.99 from Amazon.

10. Flower Press Kit

If you have a child that loves collecting flowers and plants and loves learning about plant life and the outdoors a flower press is a great way to encourage that passion and love. Flower press kits are great as you can find any plant or flower and press it and preserve it.

You can even get a little journal to hold the pressed flowers in and write the name with it. It is creative and fun and can be a great learning experience. You can collect your flowers while out walking and exploring and then bring them home to put into your flower press and preserve. £14.66 from Amazon.

11. Archery Kit

There are so many things that you can do outdoors but I often find that many of these activities include a ball of some kind and even more annoying is that they require a second person or team. Something I think is great is having the option to play alone, just sometimes.

Something that is really fun is an archery kit, it is something everyone can take part in or just one person can play. It is great for muscle building and hand eye co-ordination and it encourages discipline. You can often find these style activities at Center Parcs and other UK holiday destinations, why not try it out at home? £26.99 from Amazon.

12. Binoculars

If you have very inquisitive children you might find that they take great interest in wildlife and birds in particular. A great way for them to learn more and further that love is to aid them with binoculars. Children love novelty and fun new things so they can find new ways to see birds and things that are far away.

Take your new binoculars out on a walk and try going bird watching or take them camping so you can use them to spot new wildlife and animals. Create a little adventure backpack with the binoculars in along with a nature journal and compass so they can feel grown up and independent. £20.89 from Amazon.

13. Camelbak Water Bottle

A new water bottle is a practical but fun gift as these are super handy for when you are out adventuring, walking and going to new places. These Camelbak Eddy water bottles are super practical as they don’t leak, have an easy to drink nozzle and come in a number of colours, styles and prints.

What is really great is they can fit in a backpack pocket or clip to a handle and are easy to clean. I loved this super cute camping and outdoor print. £19.97 from Amazon.

14. SEEKERS Magnetic Scavenger Hunt Game

Who doesn’t love the idea of playing a game while they are out? Children can often find just walking boring and need a little more entertaining while on the route. One great way of doing this and creating an awesome gift is by getting Seekers magnetic scavenger hunt game.

This is super fun and great for getting kids active and learning while out and about, especially if you want to have a really long walk! The aim of the game is to find the items on the board, they can be insects, plants or animals and place your matching token on your board once you have seen it. You can also use the board to describe the picture and ask the children to guess what you are describing which can be really fun! The pack pictured is £9.97 from Amazon.

15. Waterproof All In One

Children love mess and jumping in puddles so why not encourage that joy but with some help from waterproof clothing. No matter the age you can kit out your children in waterproof clothing from trousers and a jacket to and all in one for younger children.

That way when your out exploring, making amazing memories and jumping in all the muddy puddles they can get as muddy as they like and you don’t have to worry about the washing when you get home. You can find these Trespass all in ones in different colours, prints and ages to fit your child’s personality. The Waterproof pictured above is £13.95 from Amazon.

So there you have it, just a few of my top picks for outdoor-loving kids. Hopefully, you have managed to find some good ideas among them and I hope you enjoy adventuring together. If dinosaurs are more your child’s thing, I also have a great Dinosaur Gift Guide here or a brilliantly colourful Rainbow Lovers Amazon guide.

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