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Mark making with nature brushes.

Mark making with nature brushes.


Whilst we were out in the garden attempting to cool off in the rapidly deflating paddling pool, (is it just us who can’t make a pool last longer then one summer?!), my son got bored.

In a bid to entertain him, I suggested we ‘paint’ the shed with water. He looked slightly underwhelmed so I had the idea to make the brushes.

We found a suitable bit of wood, any stick will do as long as it’s not too short, and a frond of conifer for the bristles and I used a length of bindweed to wrap around and around to secure it.

mark making with nature brushes

It was rubbish! It wouldn’t paint the water very well at all.

So I unwound the bindweed and we searched for something else. A feather was next, I had high hopes for this one!

mark making with nature brushes

I re-wrapped the bindweed around and we tried again. It was better but the lines it made were not as sharp as I’d hoped.

Finally he settled on just using a very sharp stick to make some wavy, some zigzag and some ‘roller coaster’ lines.

The brushes weren’t the most effective but this was a simple, fun and free activity that kept my four year old energiser bunny occupied for a good half an hour. Win!



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